Kelly Brook has the perfect body and that is scientifically proven.

Scientists at the University of Texas said it was all down to her waist to hip ratio- which happens to be a perfect 0.70588253.

According to researchers the W/HR is the secret to attraction: the lower the ration the perfect the figure.

To find your WHR you need to measure your waist at the narrowest point and divide it by the widest point of your hips.

Anyone around the 0.7 mark has the most attractive body.

Brook was showing off her perfect figure in a tiny black bikini in the Caribbean recently.

She also designs a successful underwear range for high street store New Look,

Patricia Johnson

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  1. by Jade Donovan 30th May 2008 17:04

    I'm 0.7702 that is quite good! Feel good about myself now! Yey!

  2. by Mindyleigh 15th Oct 2010 03:56

    I know! what a nice thing to find out. Mine was .72, makes me a little less self-conscious

  3. by Jordan 20th Oct 2010 05:52

    I'm sorry, but what a load of nonsense. Attractiveness is largely a product of a) personal taste b) cultural influence. Not but a century ago, a fuller figure was the ideal and a skinny... Read More