Supermodel TYRA BANKS is so eager to refute accusations she's had breast implants, she removed her bra on her new talk show to prove to the world her assets are real. The catwalk beauty, whose self-titled chat show debuted in the US last week (ends18SEP05), is fed up with constant jibes that her boobs are enhanced, insisting their perky look is the result of using push-up bras.

And to prove her point, Banks removed her bra from under her shirt and invited a plastic surgeon to examine her, who confirms her claims that her breasts are totally natural.

Tyra Banks Host Of America Next Top Model denies claims of breast surgery

She says, "It's very frustrating for me to have to live my career with people thinking that, so I'm doing a test on national television with a top plastic surgeon that is gonna show everybody the truth, whether I have 'em or not.

You'll see."

The revealing episode will air in America tomorrow (20SEP05).