Adriana Lima "cant' stop yawning" before walking the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima

The 35-year-old model - who gained her angel wings in 2000 and is set to grace the catwalk in the lingerie giant's fashion show on Wednesday (30.11.16) - has admitted she feels "very nervous" prior to hitting the runway and "every year" she has an outburst of yawns just before gracing the stage in her skimpy undergarments.

Speaking about her pre-show nerves in a video, which was shared on the brand's Instagram account, the brunette beauty said: "Walking the show I get very nervous. It's still the same. I thought maybe after the years I would like relax, no I get so nervous. There is one thing that happens before every year, like 10 to 15 minutes before I walk out on the runway, I start yawning. I'm not joking."

And Adriana - who has daughters Valentina, seven, and Sienna, four, with her former partner Marko Jaric - has revealed she willed herself to stop yawning because it makes her eyes water and smears her make-up.

The Brazilian star added: "My eyes get watery, and I'm like 'Oh no, the make-up. Stop yawning. I just can't stop."

Meanwhile, the catwalk icon has admitted she wants to model for another six years.

Speaking previously to Luxury London, she said: "I would like to continue for as long as possible. Not only at Victoria's Secret, but as a model for as long as my body will hold up. Hopefully I can pull up another six years because I want to show the world there is a different beauty in mature women, especially after they have had kids."

However, the brunette beauty has admitted she still has insecurities and regularly has to tell herself she's beautiful.

She said: "Even though I am a model, I have days where I have to tell myself that I have to be the best version of myself mentally and it will show physically."

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