Christopher Kane pushes himself to the point he could "crush" himself.

Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane

The 33-year-old Scottish fashion designer - who launched his eponymous line with his sister Tammy in 2006 - has admitted he is

"very very ambitious" and constantly pushes himself to his limits he "sometimes" buckles under the pressure and feels like he is "killing" himself, although he still enjoys designing.

Speaking to the Times newspaper about his designer label - who sold 51 per cent of the holding company to the Kering Group in 2013, which look after Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney and Gucci - the creative mastermind said: "I am ambitious, Sarah is ambitious, my sister is ambitious.

"I'm not going to say I know everything, and I don't think Sarah would say that either. It's a learning process. We learn every day. It's only been 10 years, and hopefully in another 10 years I will know a bit more. I am very very ambitious, to the point where I can almost crush myself sometimes.

"But I just love what I do. I want people to know the brand for being brave and bold. It's about a new chapter in femininity, a new woman."

"We couldn't take the business any further. We were killing ourselves.

However, the chief executive of the fashion house Sarah Crook, 43, believes Christopher needs to take more credit for the brand's achievements.

She said: "We are internationally known, first and foremost, because of this one.

"We are where we are because of his talent and creativity, and that leads what we do.

"Women who maybe five years ago didn't see themselves in the Christopher Kane world, but are now entering the brand.

"It needs to be in the DNA of Christopher. It's never just a jacket."

However, the Central Saint Martin's alumni still wants to produce beautiful and wearable garments rather than impractical show stopping pieces.

He explained: "We want it to be a success, we want it to sell, we want it to be out there. So we are not going to put razor blades in trousers or whatever. I want what we do to be beautiful.

"But I want to create beautiful new things that are going to challenge people."

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