Eva Mendes works out "five days a week" when she wants to get in shape for the summer.

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes

The 43-year-old actress - who has daughters Esmeralda, two, and 10-month-old Amada with her partner Ryan Gosling - has ditched her 45-minute "steady cardio" sessions for interval training and will work out almost every day in preparation for an event or for the warmer months, although she will reduce her fitness regime down to three days during her "off-season" period.

Speaking about her exercise plan, the brunette beauty said: "I love doing intervals, like running and sprinting, and I see great results with that versus the 30 or 45 minutes of steady cardio I used to do on the treadmill.

"Between intervals, I lift weights. I'm off-season right now, so I work out three days a week. But when I'm getting ready for an event or in the summer, it's five days a week. I don't exercise more than that though, because I see better results when my body has a rest period."

And the 'Hitch' actress will always have eggs for breakfast, and will eat the same meal for her lunch and dinner because she is a "creature of habit".

She explained: "I usually start my day with eggs. I think they're like magic - you can do so much with them. I mostly keep it simple and have scrambled eggs and a piece of Ezekiel toast for breakfast. For lunch, I usually have salmon and rice or quinoa, and I try to include a salad. I'll eat the same thing for dinner. I'm a creature of habit in that way. I don't get bored with food. I try to think about it as fuel for my body."

However, Eva has admitted her sweet tooth is her Achilles heel, although she is "constantly" trying to combat her cravings for tasty treats.

She told Shape magazine: "Sweets are my thing. It's ongoing, and I have to manage my sugar cravings constantly. I've gotten used to having something sweet after every meal, so I'm always bartering with myself: No, no, I can't have that after dinner, but maybe I can have it after lunch instead. The kid in me thinks, I work out, so I can support my sugar habit. I know that's not a very wise thing to say, but I really do feel like I'm working it off."