Jessie J does weight training to help her "gain shape".

Jessie J

Jessie J

The 29-year-old singer has revealed fitness has completely "infiltrated" her life, and she will regularly go for a run, a bike ride or head to the gym, which is her "favourite thing", although she has claimed she is "not obsessed" with working out daily.

Speaking about her exercise routine, the blonde-haired beauty said: "For me, fitness is from the inside out.

"So fitness infiltrated my life as a normal thing. But it's important for everyone, which is why I'm supportive of any brand that pushes that.

"I'm not obsessed with working out every day. But I do enjoy working out whether it's cycling, running or weight training, which is my favourite thing.

"I'm naturally quite slim so weight training, which I started in the last two years, has helped me gain shape. I just like having fun when I work out."

And the 'Bang Bang' hitmaker has recently cut sugar, meat and dairy from her diet in a bid to help her body "feel good".

Speaking about her eating habits, the vocalist told Billboard: "I do a lot of vegan protein. And I like making shakes as a meal supplement; usually having one in addition to three meals a day. I recently cut out all sugar in the last week. Some would call that an adventure, some would call it torture. I'm in the process of feeling both at the moment [laughs]. However, feeling good makes you look good and feel at your best.

"So if I think something will make me feel good, I'll try it. Even a green juice. It's about finding your own balance. What makes somebody else feel good might not be what you like to eat or do in the gym. Your fitness journey is yours and no one else's."

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