Langley Fox Hemingway has "75 piercings".

Langley Fox Hemingway

Langley Fox Hemingway

The 27-year-old model - who is the great-granddaughter of the late novelist Ernest Hemingway - has revealed she has multiple piercings all over her body, and she likes to "layer" gold hoops in her ears to channel a mix between the "gangster Mexican look" and the artist Gwen Stefani in her "early" days.

Speaking about her style to Stylist magazine, the American illustrator said: "I have 75 piercings so I layer gold hoops up my ears. I love the chola, gangster Mexican girl look. I like a white vest and big hoops, like early Gwen Stefani."

And the star - who has previously starred in campaigns for the luxury fashion house Marc Jacobs - likes to co-ordinate her cosmetic products with her accessories.

She explained: "I love to wear red lipstick so I like to match with a great handbag so they complement each other. It's nice to have a coloured bag rather than black."

Langley also likes to add a pop of colour into her everyday wardrobe, and will adorn a pair of "classic" yellow sunglasses or a patterned scarf with an ensemble because she claims a pair of spectacles suits "everything".

She said: "Classic yellow sunglasses work with everything. They make the world look dull and dry, but you look great wearing them.

"I like to team a scarf with a leather or bomber jacket, because they're easily workable from day to night."

However, the dark-haired beauty will "never" wear heeled shoes, and will prefer to adorn a simple tennis shoe, with metallic detail, to make the casual footwear "evening appropriate".

She said: "I love a tennis shoe. I never wear heels so the gold [heel] is great to make these evening appropriate. I would wear them with a mannish pant suit."