Martha Hunt only wears red lingerie for "special occasions".

Martha Hunt

Martha Hunt

The 28-year-old Victoria's Secret model, who acquired her angel wings in 2015, has admitted a black bra and matching knickers are her go-to underwear staple, unless there is a significant event coming up then she will opt for a bolder shade.

Speaking about her wardrobe preferences to Us Weekly, the blonde-haired beauty said: "My favourite type of lingerie for day-to-day is the demi bra. It's the perfect bra because it gives you subtle shape and it's very comfortable and it disappears under clothes. If you want to show it off, you can add a little lace too.

"Personally, my favourite is black, but my next favourite would be red, but red is for special occasions."

And the catwalk icon feels her "sexiest" and most empowered when her undergarments co-ordinate.

She continued: "I feel my sexiest when I'm wearing matching lingerie. Even if it's under my clothes, it's an empowering feeling knowing that I have it on."

Martha boasts a super slender physique, which she has credited to regular pilates and yoga sessions.

However, the star has recently taken part in a pole dancing class, which she has become a huge fan of.

Speaking about her fitness regime, the American fashion muse said: "Workout wise, lately I've been switching it up to all sorts of stuff, like pilates and yoga. I also took a pole dancing class recently and had the most fun ever, so I highly recommend pole dancing classes."

Meanwhile, Martha has revealed she has a "pretty simple" beauty regime, and she will apply cosmetic products to make sure she looks fresh-faced and her skin is glowing.

She explained: "I like to keep it pretty simple actually. I like to feel really fresh - maybe a lip stain, like the Victoria's Secret velvet lip matte stain. I'm not even kidding, it's my favourite lip right now. I've been wearing it all summer. And I just like a little bit of mascara and a nice stain. And glowing skin, I'm all about glowing skin."