Tommy Hilfiger is "ten times better than any ring", according to his wife Dee Ocleppo.

Tommy Hilfiger and Dee Ocleppo

Tommy Hilfiger and Dee Ocleppo

The 65-year-old fashion designer's spouse - who married the entrepreneur in 2008 - has admitted she feared wearing her eight carat wedding ring "every day" when the pair first wed, and although she thinks the marital band is "fantastic", Dee has admitted her partner is "better" than any piece of jewellery.

Speaking to the Mail Online about her partner - who launched his eponymous fashion house in 1985 - said: "When Tommy gave me this ring, my first thought was, 'Oh my God, I cannot wear that every day!' Now it's become a part of me. I mean, we had it fitted so tight that someone would have to chop off my hand to get at it.

"But you know what, the ring is fantastic but the man is even better. The man is ten times better than any ring - he absolutely is. And I get the best of both worlds - I get the cake and I get the frosting and the decorations, too."

Meanwhile the 46 year old - who met the fashion mogul whilst holidaying in Saint Tropez, France, in 2005 - has revealed Tommy was never on her "radar" and assumed the businessman was "gay".

Speaking honestly about her first impressions of the silver fox, she said: "Although I'd heard of Tommy Hilfiger, and I think I'd worn his clothes, he wasn't on my radar because in Monaco it's mostly about European labels. And I assumed he would be gay."

However, the blonde beauty soon changed her mind about the star when Tommy invited and her children out, and promised to cook "chicken fingers" for her family.

The former model said: "I explained there was no way I could go as I had children to babysit, so he invited them, too, and promised to make them chicken fingers. I was impressed by that."

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