Twiggy says fashion has "always" been at the "core" of her life.



The 67-year-old fashion icon - who is celebrating 50 years at the helm of the fashion industry this year after landing her breakthrough at the age of 16 - has admitted modelling will always be her first love, despite dabbling in acting, singing and dancing.

Speaking to The Independent Online about her career, the catwalk icon said: "This year is my 50th anniversary. I was discovered February 1966. I started out in the fashion industry aged 16 as a model, switched from modelling to acting and singing and dancing.

"But fashion has always been at the core of my life because I love it."

And Twiggy - whose real name is Lesley Lawson - believes the most "important" thing in the world is to enjoy what you do.

She said: "The important thing in my life is what I do.

"If you're interested in things and doing lots of things, that creates something about you that's probably interesting."

The sixties style icon - who has starred in campaigns for Marks & Spencer - believes beauty comes from within, although she also follows a healthy eating regime.

She explained: "I think beauty comes from within anyway.

"I love to eat good food. I do believe you are what you eat. I try to eat very healthily. I try to eat organic food. I like to cook."

Meanwhile Twiggy has revealed she used to eat "like a horse" when she was younger, but was still criticised for her petite frame.

She said: "I mean even in the sixties I got blamed for being too skinny. I was a skinny kid! I ate like a horse. I was just thin."

"Women are built in all shapes and sizes and I think the media should reflect that, and I think that's healthy."

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