How much money do you spend on being fashionable?

How much money do you spend on being fashionable?

Fashion trends can come and go, and keeping up with them can be a bit of a head spinner, and of course but a strain on your bank account too.

A new study has revealed that 64% of women feel that they can’t afford to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

Hitting the sale and discounted areas of a shop is the best option for 41% of women who tend to avoid the full priced clothing.

What might shock you though, 19% of women have purposely damaged an item in-store to get a discount. Have you ever done this?

The survey found that the average spent each month on clothes totals £52.50, equating to approximately £630 each year.

When asked how much money a month they felt they would ideally need in order to stay ‘fashionable’ and on trend, respondents replied with an average of £115.

George Charles, spokesperson of who conducted the research, made the following comments on the results of the study:

“It seems as though many of the women polled in our survey have been brainwashed into thinking that, in order to have a great sense of a style, they need to be filthy rich! Some of the most fashionable and trend-setting people I know manage to look a million dollars on a shoestring budget. Their skills lie in knowing exactly where to shop in order to find the best bargains, and having the skills to be able to haggle in the right shops!”

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