How high is too high for you?

How high is too high for you?

Sometimes you can just look at heels and know they're going to be no good, but sometimes you think they're worth the risk. 

New research shows that over a third of British women claim they can't walk in heels, so chose comfort over style. 

The study by found that 34% of the 18 – 65 year olds surveyed said they felt uncomfortable walking in heels with many of them saying they prefer to wear flats or low heeled boots.

Of the 66% that loved their heels, they claimed they made them feel good, sexy and gave them added inches.

Asked how many pairs of heels they own, 48% of the women questioned said they owned between 11 and 20 pairs with almost a third, 30% claiming their were one to ten pairs in their wardrobe.

A shoe addicted four per cent said they had well over 30 pairs, with many of them saying they had shoes stored in every available space in their home. 

Almost a fifth, 19% said they wear heels every day of the week, even for weekend walk with the family, with the majority of women, 46%, saying they wore them at least once a week.

When questioned on which heels they prefer, over a third, 38% said their favourite was wedges, with 30% opting for a stiletto, 23% for a kitten heel and just nine per cent for platforms.

One respondent said: “I love my heels – in fact I think I’m addicted to buying and wearing them. I have a pair for every outfit and occasion and can’t resist buying new ones, especially if I see them in a sale. My best buy has to be my Jimmy Choo’s – they’re just perfect. However, it doesn’t matter whether they designer or high street – if they’re high and I like them then they have to be mine.”

Another said: “I wear heels so rarely that I have pairs in my wardrobe dating back years which I’ve only worn a few times. Comfort is definitely my priority when it comes to shoes. It’s flats all the way for me.” 

A third added: “I put heels on for work but always stick to wedges. I feel like I totter around if I’m wearing stilettos. I feel safer and less likely to topple over in a solid pair of wedges. Out of work, it’s pumps or Uggs for me. My feet need a rest after wearing heels five working days a week.”

A spokesman for said: “I think it’s fair to say women love shoes and with so much choice around, why shouldn’t they? Whether your thing is heels or flats, there are endless designs and colours to choose from both in the high street and in designer stores so there really is something for everyone.”

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