Zara Larsson "always" carries a spare pair of underwear in her bag.

Zara Larsson

Zara Larsson

The 19-year-old singer has admitted she would never wear the same knickers two days in a row, and carries around "extra" set of lingerie just in case, although she would rather go commando if the worst case scenario occurred and she didn't pack more undergarments.

When asked if she wears the same underwear for more than 24 hours in a video interview with MTV Online, she said: "I don't do that.

"I always have an extra pair in my bag and if I don't I would rather go without panties."

And the 'So Good' hitmaker has cut out cheese from her diet because she thinks the thought of how the dairy product is made is "weird".

Speaking about her eating plan, she said: "I think cheese can be great, although I am trying to not eat cheese, because if you really think about what cheese really is, it's weird. It's the breast milk from a cow or a goat who is having a baby, it's weird."

However, the vocalist has no qualms about drinking alcohol, and has admitted she "always vandalises" the mini bar when she is staying in a hotel, although she has never made a call to an ex-boyfriend when intoxicated.

She explained: "I always vandalise the mini bar, always.

"[But] I would never drunk dial an ex, because when I got a new phone, I looked up his number, I added it to my contact list just to block it."

Meanwhile Zara has revealed she gets "really really nervous" ahead of performing to the point she feels she may vomit.

She explained: "I get really really nervous sometimes, and sometimes I want to throw up. But being on stage and to love being on stage is great."