Emily from Skins

Emily from Skins

We had our reservations about the new Skins cast, as admittedly we'd come to love the old lot and their crazy lives. But, we have to admit after the first two episodes we're pretty in love with this bizarre crew too.

Granted, the content is a lot more OTT, and in some cases extremely shocking, but beyond all that they've already given us some great fashion moments.

We earmarked Kaya Scodelario as a One To Watch a few weeks ago, and so far we've been proved right as Effy takes centre stage with her fishnet tights, tye-dye tops and some retro hair bands.

The girls seem to have stuck with the original loud and colourful theme of fashion, which their predecessors made famous. Michelle and Jal loved to colour clash, while Cassie's style was one of a kind and if anything, we really miss her look the most.

That said, Emily's style in this new series is very prim and proper but with a twist. She teams cute bow jumpers with a puffball skirts and finishes the look off with loud coloured tights.

We're loving Naomi Campbell (LOL) and her style too, clashing floral prints, button earrings and spiky blonde hair make her look totally unique. She sort of rocks the girly tomboy cool look to a tee and we think she's a one to watch for future episodes.

Naomi Campbell in Skins

We have to give Pandora, bless her, a mention just because she's so delightfully doolally with her frizzy bunches and childish clothing. Come on Effy, give the girl a make-over already!

Our least favourite character has to be Emily's twin sister, Katie who apart from being very up herself, also seems to have a lack of any quirky style about her.

Harsh, perhaps- but she better step it up a gear in upcoming episodes, if she wants to make it onto our fashion radar.

Here's some Skin's inspired looks from the high-street...

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