Will you be choosing Marant or Mango?

Will you be choosing Marant or Mango?

Isabel Marant created the must-have shoe of last season, her wedged sneakers and it looks like she's set to do it once again with her wedged ankle boots. 

The Marant sneakers spawned a million and one copies, but of course hers became the most iconic, and we think her Scarlet wedged ankle boots with velcro straps will be exactly the same. 

Mango have already had a pretty good go at creating a dupe. 

Both pairs have the same leather and suede detailing, suede upper shoe and leather wedge and ankle detail and leather velcro straps too. The only difference we can really see is the fact that the Mango booties have four straps, while the Marant pair only have three. 

Oh, and of course the price. From farfetch.com the Isabel Marant boots will set you back £780.44, whilst the Mango boots are priced at a reasonable £119.99. 

Which will you be choosing? 

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