Make sure your arms of full of sale pieces with these tips

Make sure your arms of full of sale pieces with these tips

As soon as Christmas is done with, there's more stress on the horizon - bagging a bargain the January sales. 

Here we have some tips to ensure you get everything you want and need from those bargain-tastic stores. 

Plan ahead: Make a rough plan of the pieces you want to buy. Don’t buy things because of the reduced price, chances are you don’t really like it and will wear it once or never. Buy classic items that will stand the test of time and make up the core of your wardrobe. Check out our article here on the pieces you should be buying in the sale.

Wear something comfortable: If you’re shopping all day you don’t want to wear something that will only exasperate you – you’ll only want to leave earlier.

Travel light: If you’re taking a handbag with you make sure not to stuff it with unnecessary items that will only weigh you down and leave you annoyed. Carry the essentials, and only the essentials.

Don’t try things on: It may sound stupid but by trying things on you’ll waste precious shopping time. Just before you buy anything make sure that you check with the store on their return policy for sale items. You may have to bring back a number of items in the end. 

Expect queues: Don’t go out with the assumption that this is going to be an easy shopping trip. People go a little crazy for the bargains and they’ll most likely be pushing, huge queues and grapples for the last item in the last size.

Remember not to take things back: Most, if not all shops, suspend the returns policy for the first few days of the sale. So if you have unwanted items/gifts to take back make sure you check your receipt on when they can be returned.

Or take the easy option, shop online: My favourite, shopping online. Yes, you may not know what the item looks like in real life, but you can return them in most cases if you don’t like them. Obviously you don’t get everything online that you could in store, but an online sale takes a little bit of the stress away. Just remember by putting an item in your basket for most shops, it doesn’t mean that you have reserved it – you could go to checkout to find that another person has already bought it.

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