The Mansie

The Mansie

Women have had help for years with underwear on how to create a more slimline and smooth physique, and now it's time for the men to shine.  

This week George at Asda launches the first-to-market men’s all in one shaper suit dubbed the ‘Mansie’, designed to ‘slighten’ and ‘tighten’ men’s wobbly bits.

Following in the footsteps of George’s hit shapewear for men - the ‘moob tube’ and the men’s Bodysculpt trunk, which both sold out online within 24 hours of going on sale on  George’s latest innovation sucks in tums, lifts the bum and provides lumbar back support, helping men across the nation hide their wobbles after a summer of indulging.

Fiona Lambert, George Brand Director said: “It isn’t just women who love our controlwear products, men are always asking us for new technology and innovation to target their wobbly bits. Following the popular George ’moob tube’ and Bodysculpt trunks, we’ve developed the all in one shaper-suit - or ‘Mansie’ - which combines our two previous products into a convenient control onesie for men. At George, we are constantly designing and innovating to help the nation’s men and women improve their body confidence in an affordable way, and without the need for fad diets.”

Research carried out by George at Asda revealed that a huge 69 per cent of men admitted to over-indulging during this summer’s festivities with 52 per cent attributing watching sport rather than participating as the main reason for unsightly bulges.

Now, as winter approaches, 43 per cent claim to be carrying over half a stone more than their usual weight. 60 per cent of women highlighted that their partners are carrying extra weight around their stomach area post summer and half admitted they would like their partners to take action and shape up.

Due to high customer demand for comfort and convenience, George has spent months developing the all in one shaper suit, a combination of the shaper t-shirt ‘moob tube’ and Bodysculpt trunks. The ‘Mansie’ uses revolutionary compression fabric for overall body shape, smoothing and toning while clever support panels across the stomach and waistline focus on hiding wobbly waists, creating the illusion of the perfect six pack. The suit includes lumbar support for the lower back while ventilated panels squeeze, cup and tuck men’s unruly bottoms and thighs and also help to prevent body odour.

Often regarded as a female wardrobe staple, shapewear has taken off in the men's market in America and is fast becoming a wardrobe essential for men in the UK.  Sales figures show that 55 per cent of the transactions on George’s Bodysculpt trunks were made by men themselves and not by female partners.  Celebrity influence from stars like David Beckham and David Gandy have rocketed men’s underwear to the top of the fashion charts with recently designed and modelled collections.  With men taking a bigger interest in underwear and feeling more confident in buying new innovation in underwear for themselves, the ‘Mansie’ is set to be a sure-fire hit with men across the nation.

George at Asda’s ‘Mansie’ is £15 and available in stores and online at

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