Ensure you look stunning with these expert tips

Ensure you look stunning with these expert tips

The wedding season has officially begun, and brides-to-be up and down the country are frantically prepping and planning their special day.

As well as booking a venue, DJ/band, flowers and cake, one of the most important tasks is planning your look for the day; this includes dress, hair and makeup.

Whether you’re getting married in a church, registry office or castle, here are some simple style tips, from Nicky Hambleton-Jones, to take some of that inevitable wedding stress away. Be free to be beautiful on your big day.

Dress with Discretion

Choosing your wedding dress is a hard task, but it should be an enjoyable one. Start dress shopping about a year before your wedding, and be sure to take a selection of your closest friends and family to help guide and support you along the way. Buy a dress that fits your figure when you try it on - you may have a plan to lose weight before the big day but remember that dresses can be taken in; it’s safer to buy a dress for your current size than buy a smaller size and not be able to fit into it. From the moment you set foot in the dress shop make sure you have a very clear and precise idea of what you want, don’t be swayed by sales assistants’ opinions or by large discounts they offer you. Finally, wear appropriate underwear to your fittings, if you want a strapless dress wear a strapless bra to the shop (or at least bring one with you).

Marry your Makeup

Not only do you want to look radiant for your husband-to-be, there are photographs that last a lifetime to think about too! The tops tips to think about when it comes to bridal makeup up are to keep it simple, and use products that are long-lasting and flash-friendly. Every woman is different, some women will prefer to hire a makeup artist to do their makeup and some women are happy to take creative control and do their own. If you’re hiring a makeup artist I strongly recommend that you have a trial before the day and if you’ve chosen to do your own makeup get some tips from department store makeup counters (just don’t feel pressured into buying anything). Another great tip is to invest some money in high-quality loose powder that doesn’t show up in photographs taken with a flash; nobody wants to look like a ghost on what’s supposed to be the best day of their life.

Hair in Harmony

Choosing how to wear your hair on your wedding day can be a difficult decision, the best idea is to visit your hairdresser 6 months in advance (one you trust implicitly), have a chat and trial a few different styles. I would recommend that you don’t go for a style that is out of your normal comfort zone as you’ll spend the day worrying what you look like. Decide if you’re going to wear a crown/tiara and remember to work your hairstyle around it. Jonathan Long and Ben Cooke of celebrity hair salon Lockonego recommend that you get your hair trimmed two weeks before the wedding and don’t wash your hair on the day of the wedding. On the day, use hair spray, a dehumidifying spray and a shine mist to polish off your look. 

Sculpt to Perfection

Have you found the perfect dress but have a particular body part that won’t fit into it perfectly? Are you wearing a strapless dress and worried about having a potential back fat nightmare on your hands? If so, CoolSculpting® by ZELTIQ® could be the non-invasive and stress-free answer to your wedding themed prayers. CoolSculpting by ZELTIQ  is a precisely-controlled and results-driven body sculpting treatment that uses patented cooling technology to treat your trouble areas. Fat cells are frozen and eliminated leaving your body in a natural way and in normal, safe amounts. No harm is caused to the body as only fat cells respond specifically to the treatment meaning you can get on with your day immediately afterwards.

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