Long live the skinny jeans

Long live the skinny jeans

Despite only being around for a decade or so, the skinny jeans has been hailed as the most loved fashion item of all time, according to a new survey.

The skinny jeans beat out items like the little black dress, the biker jacket and even the 60’s miniskirt for the coveted top spot.

Skinny jeans, a favourite of Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne, beat out even all other varities of jeans including flares, boot-cut and boyfriend shapes.  

Emily Kerr, UK head of fashion at eBay, who conducted the survey, says: “Jeans are a fashion staple that have well and truly stood the test of time.

“Skinny jeans are a modern twist on the traditional style of jean, but that just shows how the shape and cut of jeans has varied over the decades.”

Other loved fashion items to make the top 30 list were ballet pumps, the push-up bra and a classic denim jacket.

The survey also looked at the worst fashion items of all time, and it comes as no surprise to find that the shell suit came out top in that list.

Read both lists below and let us know your thoughts on them in comments box.




  1. Skinny jeans
  2. Little black dress
  3. Boot cut jeans
  4. Maxi dress
  5. Leather biker jacket
  6. Knee-high boots
  7. Mini skirt
  8. Stilettos
  9. Leggings
  10. Push-up bra
  11. Flip-flops
  12. Wedges
  13. Shift dress
  14. Ballet pumps
  15. Pencil skirt
  16. Denim jacket
  17. Trench coat
  18. Hipster jeans
  19. Flares
  20. Bodycon dress
  21. White t-shirt
  22. Black blazer
  23. Hot pants
  24. Sheepskin boots
  25. Military jacket
  26. Gladiator sandals
  27. Polo neck jumper
  28. Bikini
  29. Crop tops
  30. Lumberjack shirt




  1. Shell Suit
  2. Puffball skirt
  3. Bum bag
  4. Crocs
  5. Leather trousers
  6. Monokini
  7. Leg warmers
  8. G-string
  9. Shoulder pads
  10. Platform trainers
  11. Poncho
  12. Puffa jacket
  13. White leggings
  14. Boob tube
  15. Football shirts
  16. Dungarees
  17. Body
  18. Sheepskin boots
  19. Clogs
  20. Culottes
  21. Cagoule
  22. Ra-Ra skirt
  23. Hoodie
  24. Tracksuits
  25. Tank tops
  26. White jeans
  27. Tie dye t-shirt
  28. Crop tops
  29. Combat trousers
  30. Flares

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