Us Brits love our dogs and new research has revealed that 42% of those aged 18-34 across the UK would like or enjoy a dog-friendly workplace. The new findings from Purina PetCare have prompted them to launch the Pets at Work (PAW) Alliance to encourage firms to become dog-friendly so more businesses, employees and dogs can enjoy the benefits found in living with our canine chums. But how can dogs be beneficial in the workplace? Here’s five reasons why you need your canine friends at work…

They calm and de-stress

They calm and de-stress

They calm & de-stress

Research from Purina suggests that pets inspire us & lower stress levels. 41% of companies who have dogs in their offices have seen that dogs calm and de-stresses you and your colleagues. It’s no surprise that a quick stroke of a friendly office pup when deadlines are looming around you can help you take a deep breath and face the day.

They boost morale

Got the Monday blues? 32% of employers say that having a dog in the office is a morale booster. Confidence, enthusiasm and levels of creativity are a lot higher and make a paw-sitive environment to work in. For any businesses, that’s a powerful tool, as well as an employee benefit that comes at little or no cost. Plus it may make you think twice about that job move when Rover rolls over for his daily belly rub at your feet!

They improve working relationships

It’s never easy on your first few weeks starting a new job to try and make friends. A little four-legged mutt touring the office is a great conversation starter. 29% of employers with office dogs say that their pooches encourages social interactions between staff while 46% of employers believe having a pooch in the office creates a friendlier atmosphere.  Bringing a dog to work will also encourage you to make the most of your lunches and go on team walks that also helps you walk more, refresh and stay healthy.

Work Life Balance 

40% of companies who have the pets at work toolkit in place suggest that work life balance is a top reason for introducing the scheme. The opportunity to bring your pet to work can help staff out with dog care issues. This way working the odd overtime is not an issue and you don’t have puppy eyes in the back of your mind wondering when you’re going to get home. Or the annoying thought wondering what chaos your dog is getting up to when you’ve been away from home all day. This policy will help save money on any daily pet care or dog walkers.

Because you want one!

You wouldn’t be the first person to want a dog but can’t because of the issue of what happens to them during the day. Having dogs in the workplace means you can realise that dream while having your dog benefit your colleagues and you in a myriad of ways. Plus you’ll save on dog minders while you’re at work.

If you want your firm to join the Pets at Work (PAW) Alliance then ask your firm to download the toolkit with six easy steps for a successful Pets at Work scheme, as well as health and safety advice, responsible pet ownership guidelines and education and advice on workspace requirements at:

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