The height of summer is fast approaching. More often than not, this can mean warm, muggy weather, resulting in an uncomfortable night’s sleep.

Sleep alone if you can

Sleep alone if you can

Though little can be done to alter the temperature outside, you can have control over how warm you are under the covers.

Slumberdown’s Climate Control range is specifically designed to regulate body temperature throughout the night. Its Advansa® fibre technology actively draws excess heat and moisture away from the body as you sleep, helping to prevent overheating. The more heat generated by the body, the harder the duvet will work to keep you cool. If you’re already cool, the process is slowed right down so you don’t get too cold either!

The 4.5tog duvet is super light and comfortable, making it ideal for summer. It’s also non-allergenic, and fully machine washable. 

For those still struggling to keep cool at night, Sally Hotchin at Slumberdown has some top tips.

Keep blinds and curtains closed during the day. Having the room as dark as possible, without any sunlight with significantly reduce the temperature of the bedroom.

Try to choose light coloured bed linen. As with clothing, dark colours consume the heat and light colours reflect it, so stick to whites and pale pastel colours.

When at home, keep your bedroom door and windows open wherever possible. It seems like an obvious step, but allowing as much air into the room as possible will really help you stay cooler.

Wear light, breathable cotton pyjamas. Stay clear of anything fleecy and thick!

Take a cool shower just before bed to rinse off any sweat and make sure you start off feeling clean and fresh. Avoid ice cold water as your body will raise in temperature afterwards to compensate.

Keep the lights off and electronics un-plugged. This tip is pretty self-explanatory but lights and electricals that have been on all night will create extra heat.

If you usually share a bed with someone and have a spare room, sleeping alone will allow you to stretch out and switch positions regularly, reducing sweating during the night.

Opt for a light-bite. Eating smaller, cooler dinners will make it easier for your body to break down. Eat raw foods which are easier to digest. The harder the body has to work to break down foods, the more heat it produces.

Keep pulse points on your body cool (neck, wrists, ankles, elbows) throughout the night. Keep a cold flannel and water next to the bed or plunge wrists or feet into cool water as these are parts of the body that regulate temperature.

Try putting your hot water bottle in the fridge or freezer to create a bed-friendly ice pack. You could even try putting your pyjamas or bed sheets in the freezer for a few minutes before bed can reduce sweating.

The Slumberdown Climate Control collection is available online and in-store at Aldi until 26th June 2017 . 


Double 4.5 Tog Duvet £9.99

King Size Double Duvet £11.99

Pillows, 2 Pack £5.99

Pillow Protector, 2 Pack £3.99

Double Mattress Protector £6.99

King Size Mattress Protector £7.99

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