Jenniffer Taylor aka Sewing Bee favourite and presenter of the all new Sewing Quarter (the first TV channel dedicated to the craft of sewing), gives her top ten reasons as to why sewing just got cool:

Jenniffer Taylor

Jenniffer Taylor

Sewing is a hit with smoothest of celebs – At first I was surprised to hear that Gwen Stefani is a huge fan of sewing! She loves the freedom and empowerment in creating her own outfits, especially when contributing to her two successful clothing lines. Even George Clooney can sew, he’s been known to fix a date’s dress when it has ripped!

Customising is king – I love refashioning and upcycling; and learning to sew is a simple way to rejuvenate your closet with a personal touch. You can instantly create unique bold pieces that stand out for all the right reasons.

Rescue and tailor  – need something taken in, taken out or just to fix that tiny rip? For many of us, we’d throw that item away or never wear it. With sewing, you can instantly revive those much loved pieces so they don’t end up hanging in your wardrobe unworn or in the bin unnecessarily.

Socialise as you sew – sewing workshops and sewing clubs have become the ultimate meet up for like-minded people. Not only can you learn new skills and be inspired to make new projects, they also offer the perfect setting to make friends.

Learning potential -  there’s always something new to learn when it comes to sewing, so you’re always growing. Don’t be afraid to share your tips and ideas with friends and don’t forget to tune into Sewing Quarter on Freeview channel 78 for more project inspiration and to improve on your sewing skills with hints and tips from the designers.

Glorious gifts – presents become instantly more special when you can customise them with your sewing skills. Handmade gifts are always heartfelt and mean so much to friends and family.

Sense of achievement - that ‘I made that myself’ feeling always gives you a huge level of satisfaction. With our busy lives, it’s important that we take some time back for ourselves. There is something insanely gratifying about making something with your own two hands. In my new book which is out in May, Girl with a Sewing Machine (£12.99), you’ll find lots of tips and ideas about how to upcycle items, create patterns and much more.

A business opportunity – start selling your sewing wares at local fares or on websites such as Etsy. Who knows, one day you could have your own entrepreneurial empire!

Eco-chic – Being an avid upcycler I love creating clothes from unwanted items. By simply transforming or repairing your wardrobe, you could help reduce the estimated £140 million worth of clothes going into uk landfill every year.

Relax and unwind –recent results from a survey by Sewing Quarter found that 76% of Brits sew at least once a month to help them relax (76%). For me, I find sewing very therapeutic and it also gives me an escape. A little creative me time goes a long way to making you feel happier. Which is why I’m determined to get the nation sewing. Being creative really can be life changing.

Jenniffer Taylor is a presenter on Sewing Quarter (Freeview channel 78 - the UK's first TV Shopping Channel dedicated to sewing, patchwork and quilting fans.