Mentos has conducted a survey looking into the extent in which we embrace our avoidance of social situations, it turns out we Brits avoid interacting with friends and people we know 284 times every year!

Step out of your comfort zone: Say Hello

Step out of your comfort zone: Say Hello

It gets worse tis research has also revealed that we actively avoid neighbours and friends by regularly crossing the road when we see them approaching, as well as avoiding text messages phone calls and emails, anything to stay in our own bubble. It's the excuses that come with this as well pretending to lose signal during a call, my phone died are excuses that are wheeled out to often to avoid talking to someone. The average Brit lies about not receiving a text email or instant message at least twice a month, leaving their phones ringing without answer five times a WEEK!

So why so we avoid interacting with others? Most have blamed social media, everyone has some form of social media and sometimes the constant bombardment of messages can get a bit too much so people feel the need to cut off from technology and fly under the radar from time to time.

A spokesperson for Mentos said: "Because of social media we live in a world where most of us can be contacted very easily by anyone in the world at any time of day and it is easy to see how we may want down time. Many of us are guilty of ignoring a phone call every now and then, but there is a fine line between not bothering to chat and being rude if friends and neighbours spot us avoiding them. It takes no time at all to just say hello or call out good morning to a neighbour across the road - we should all make an extra effort to be friendly and sociable. Being too busy is a poor excuse, we want to encourage more people to make new connections."

Another reason is the fear of being rejected, either for plans or meeting a new acquaintance, yet nearly 62 percent said that they would rather have a face to face conversation with someone rather than dealing with someone digitally. But if we have adopted this hermit like social standing then face to face becomes ever more difficult, with 38 percent of people lacking confidence and becoming shy when they approach people.

It's time to break the ice and form new friendships, a simple hello and a smile can lead the way too new friendships but also build confidence and social skills that we seem to have forgotten now that technology has taken over.

Try it! Say hello to someone next to you who you don't know, or at the gym, train station even a shopping centre. Who knows what connections and friendships you will make.

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