The online world continues to advance at breakneck speed. Keeping up with all of the developments in the tech sector can send your mind spinning out of control. However, what is not reported on in the media as much as the latest super start up, is the criminal side of the internet.

Use a free password generator to create you a list of unique passwords

Use a free password generator to create you a list of unique passwords

The rise of recent global malware infestations such as the ‘WannaCry’ ransomware that spread throughout the globe in a matter of days, has shown the world the importance of protecting your identity online.

Keeping your identity safe and avoiding the pitfalls of fraud and data theft happening to you requires a stable security protocol to follow at all times. Here are seven tips to help you protect your identity online and prevent the chance of you becoming a victim of cybercrime.

#1 Use a Password Generator

If you are still using the outdated password security practice of one password, or variations of it, for all of your account passwords, you are just waiting for an online security breach to happen. Using this kind of haphazard security stance with your data is ridiculous, would you make your bank PIN number as obvious?

Use a free password generator to create you a list of unique passwords that are completely random. Save the passwords on a spreadsheet and then store that spreadsheet in the cloud securely. You should update your passwords every six months as a matter of best practice and always change them if you suspect malware, spyware, or a virus have compromised your system.

#2 Never Leave Devices Unattended

Never leave your device lying around. Make sure that you keep it on your person at all times. Hackers have developed systems that can compromise the security of mobile devices and clone their information wirelessly. Avoid this happening to you by keeping your phone, laptop or tablet with you at all times.

If you are traveling, make sure you leave your laptop or mobile devices in the hotel safe, rather than unattended in your room.

#3 Stay Away from Public Wi-Fi

The thought of free data is enough to entice anyone to turn on their public Wi-Fi settings. However, this freebie may not turn out to be worth it. Hackers can compromise public Wi-Fi systems quickly using hardware and software that can hijack your device without you even realizing it.

#4 Use a RFID Wallet or Laptop Bag

RFID chips are in your bank cards, ID documents, passport, and access cards. Criminals can use portable, compact RFID chip scanners to download the data on the cards and then access it later on-demand. This device gives them access to your sensitive data, without even touching you. Avoid this happening to you with a RFID wallet. This wallet has an aluminum sheath inserted into the outer shell of the wallet or portfolio, it deflects the frequency of the scanner and keeps your data safe.

#5 The Importance of Anti-Virus

Anti-Virus software is an essential software tool for mobile and PC devices. Make sure that you are using a top rated anti-virus and don’t rely on a free service. Free services often do not come with a full-protection suite that covers you for everything. Saving a few bucks because you don’t want to shell out for the full version will cost you a lot more in the future.

#6 Avoid Adverts with Ad-blockers

Never accidentally click on a pop-up ad again. The ad-blocking software can keep you safe from phishing scams and other malicious marketing tactics designed to harvest your personal information. An ad-blocking tool is simple to install and a powerful extension that can make life a lot more pleasant as you scan your favorite sites without the annoyance of ads.

#7 Use a Proxy

A proxy service is an ultimate way to cloak your identity online. By signing up with a proxy, your IP address is switched between servers every few minutes so that no-one can trace or pinpoint your IP. This principle gives you total security and anonymity when browsing online and ensures that no-one can see your digital footprint you leave behind, not even your ISP. For the best proxy service available, use this hidemyass coupon and get protected today.

Wrapping Up

You cannot be too careful in today’s technology environment. Protect your devices and their data at all times by implementing and executing on these seven security tips.

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