Jollie’s have this year launched their latest initiative, the Sockscription. The company, famous for their “Wear A Pair, Share A Pair” strapline have for years given a pair of socks to homeless charities for every pair bought. But this Christmas, you can subscribe to add to your sock collection. So, what are the top ten reasons you should consider buying alternative gifts that have a social impact for your stocking fillers?

Teach your kids the value of giving as well as receiving

Teach your kids the value of giving as well as receiving

  1. Two gifts in one: what better motivation is there to buy an alternative gift for one person, than the fact you are actually benefiting (at least!) two people? The recipient of the gift receives something, as does those who are benefiting from the social enterprise. You win. Your recipient wins. We all win!
  2. Avoid those awkward duplicates: We’ve all been there. Delighted that we have picked the perfect present for our loved one, and as we sit around the room watching each other open presents, we have the overwhelming sense of deep dread as our recipient opens the SAME Michael McIntyre DVD from Auntie Hilda. Not with alternative gifts, these beauties are rarely duplicated.
  3. Avoid early death: Researchers from the University of Buffalo found a link between giving and unselfishness and having a lower risk of early death! Published in the American Journal of Public Health, the findings show that helping others is linked with a decreased mortality risk. Buy these gifts, and die a little later. You’re welcome! :-)
  4. Embrace the Unique: Many alternative gifts are produced by great creative minds, who produce gifts that are far from mass produced and are often handmade and bespoke. Take Jollie’s socks for example…each pair of beautifully designed foot gloves (we just made that term up) are crafted to stand out and make a fashion statement people will love.
  5. Teach your kids the value of giving: Christmas is a great time of year for all ages and stages, but kids especially anticipate the food, the pressies and of course the visit from Old Saint Nick. What better time of year then to teach them the value of giving and not just getting, making sure they see that helping others helps all of us.
  6. Contribute to the British economy: Jollie’s like many other UK based alternative gift producers, make sure they keep things local: from the materials to the design and the distribution, all of these are straight from Blighty and at Jollie’s they offer apprenticeships for homeless folks who just need a helping hand getting back on their feet.
  7. Being Generous: They say it’s better to give, than receive. Buying alternative gifts allows you to give to your loved ones, and then receive the warm, fuzzy feeling deep inside your heart, that you have made a small step in making the world a little better than it was before the purchase.
  8. Sock it to the corporates: Like David and Goliath, and Tom and Jerry, we love to fight for the little guy. Buying alternative gifts supports small, passionate, and hard working superheroes to overcome the dark powers of large corporations. Power to the people!

This Christmas if you want to put a smile on the face of a loved one, and of a stranger in need, why not consider buying a British-made pair of stylish socks from Jollie’s for both men and women. They’re the must-have alternative item this season. Wear a pair, share a pair and find out more at

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