In a bid to save customers money, Barclays bank are trying out an experimental product which will combine a Credit card and pesonal loan.

Called combinations, the new card has been designed to help customers pay off their debts faster. Under the system, customers can buy things with the credit card and three times a year, will have the option to move the outstanding balance on the credit card into an attatched personal loan.

Any money paid off the card goes towards the more expensive credit card debt, then towards the personal loan, which has a lower rate of interest.

"This is a new idea which we believe offers a fair deal, encourages responsible borrowing and addresses some of the criticisms that have been levelled at the credit card market," said Keith Coulter, Barclaycard's managing director for cards and loans.

"Response from customers during research has been very positive but ultimately, of course, they will decide what's right for them by choosing to apply or not. We will be watching the results of the test with great interest," noted Mr Coulter.

However, not everyone sees this as a good new idea.

James Curan, product manager at uSwitch, explained that less disciplined consumers would find Barclaycard Combinations a simple way to consolidate debts - but for consumers willing to spend some time there were better value deals available.

"Certainly the product is innovative, but not groundbreaking. You have credit cards offering interest rates under seven per cent and loans are available under six per cent," he said