One of the best horror monsters by far is the vampire. From the first depiction in books long ago, to the many big screen films with the creatures, vampire have captured our attention for many, many years.

What We Do in the Shadows

What We Do in the Shadows

In honour of the new vampire film What We Do in the Shadows, in theatres November 21st, we take a look back at the most iconic vampire films in the world. From the first film about vampires to the one that started the latest vampire craze, these films have brought a many new looks and ideas to the vampire genre.

1. Nosferatu

The original vampire horror, this 1922 silent film contains one of the most recognisable vampires in the world. With a bald head, long fingers, pointed ears, and let's not forget the horrid teeth, Nosferatu was the original vampire that paved the way for vampires in film.

Did you know this movie was actually an unauthorised version of Bram Stoker's Dracula? No wonder it is one of the most iconic vampire films of all time.

2. Dracula (1931)

"I never drink... wine." This line is what we think of whenever we think Dracula, but did you know that this movie was the first time it was ever used, the line does not appear in Bram Stoker's book or the play.

Bela Lugosi played the infamous character and gave us the stereotypes we have today of Dracula. Without this film, Dracula would not be the creepy well-dressed vampire we know him as today.

3. Let the Right One In

Although this Swedish romantic horror is rather recent (released in 2008), it has become an instant vampire classic. The story revolves around two children; one a female vampire and the other a bullied little boy.

In this twisted film, the two grow to be closer through near nightly talks and a shared inclination to killing. This twisted look at childhood love and vampires living in the real world will forever be remembered.

4. Bram Stoker's Dracula

This 1991 film is iconic due to how close it stays to the plot of Stoker's book. Films about Dracula had tended to be cheesy and rather fake, but this film followed the book and became a standout among the many films about Dracula.

Although Keanu Reaves is in it, the acting is well done and the story acted out properly. It deserves its place of honour because of the respect it shows the original infamous story.

5. The Lost Boys

This 80's classic focuses on a town in California that has a bit of a vampire problem. When a small family move in, the truth is slowly revealed to them, and turns one of the boys into a half-vampire.

Filled with classic teen confusion and a plot that shows how complex it can be to become a vampire, this film was a new take on the classic concept of the vampire. Of course it would not be an 80s movie if there wasn't any teen angst mixed in, but overall the vampires make the film great.

6. 30 Days of Night

Probably one of the most terrifying horror movies about vampires, this film gives vampire free reign to feed and do whatever they want. Using the typical vampire stereotypes to their advantage, the filmmakers terrify the audience by using real world possibilities with horrible fictional monsters.

This film is iconic because how easily it induces fear into the audience, and how there is no end to horror in sight. Well, at least for 30 or so days.

7. Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles

In 1994, vampire films were revolutionised by having the world look into what the life of a vampire could be like, and how it can be torture. As Louis spins his tale you cannot help but to feel bad for this vampire, who had lost so much during his long life, and has also brought suffering to others.

It is a refreshing take on the vampire movie, and iconic because it looks at the world from the vampire's point of view and humanises him a bit more.

8. From Dusk Till Dawn

Known for its iconic vampire-filled bar, how can we not have this movie in the list? At first glance, the film seems like a twisted action movie, but by the time the dancers turn, it becomes an iconic vampire film.

Who can resist sexy dancers who just want motorcyclists and truckers blood? So much happens in this bar and its origins are still a mystery. All we know is never pick a meeting place at random!

9. John Carpenter's Vampires

The 90s pulled out some of the most iconic vampire movies, and this is just one that gave yet another perspective to the vampire film. This time it was the church's perspective.

The church had been fighting the existence of vampires for years and this results in the powerful team of vampire combatants. One major take away from the movie is the fact that no one is safe; everyone can become a vampire or be killed by one.

10. Twilight

Based off the romance novels by Stephanie Myer, the jury is still out on how good the books and movies are. Either way, this film is iconic because it changed the perspective the world had of vampires. Now we see vampires as almost humans, who can just live forever and do not have to suck blood all the time.

This film made vampires hot. Today, teenage girls are dying to be turned into vampires thanks to this new perspective on the genre.


What We Do in the Shadows hits UK cinemas on November 21st.

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