Water For Elephants

Water For Elephants

Water For Elephants captures the ultimate love triangle. In director Francis Lawrence's interpretation of Sara Gruen's New York Times bestseller, Robert Pattinson's veterinary student, falls accidentally into the Benzini Bros circus and finds himself deeply in love with its star Marlena (Reese Witherspoon), married to the brutal and charismatic August (Christoph Waltz)

Whether their impossible love can transcend the grim realities of her marriage and the survival of the circus in Depression Era America from the foundation fir this classic and moving love story.

This kind of forbidden love features in the greatest love stories of all time. from the original historical templates of Romeo and Juliet and Tristan and Isolde, to contemporary interpretations like Brokeback Mountain and Atonement, the central dynamic of lover fighting against all odds breaks the heart of the viewer and stays with you long after the lights have gone up.

As tribute we remember ten of the greatest love triangles in film.

- Twilight: Not easy to choose between a bare chested wolfman and a glittering vampire - especially when they fight so well over you in a two man tent; while you are sleeping.

The Twilight Saga has taken the world by story as Stephenie Meyers' novels have been adapted for the big screen - are you Team Edward? or Team Jacob?

- Bridget Jones Diary: Oh the cad who like big knickers versus the chap who wears the reindeer Christmas jumper.

It's a tough one for the girl, with a bunny tail and the skirt that likes to go off sick.

- Truly Madly Deeply: Hard to lose the love of one's life; harder when he comes back as a sneezing ghost who wants to share your bed and watch videos.

But even an apparition suffers heartbreak when you run off with a man who has doves up his sleeve.

- Sweet Home Alabama: The girl has it all; the tall, dark, handsome hero with a Tiffany ring and limousine - except she finds she wants the tall, blond, cranky ex who makes glass sculptures where lightening strikes.

Witherspoon is caught in a triangle once again returning home to seal a divorce makes her question the reasons that she left in the first place.

- The English Patient: There will be tears when you run away from your husband to be with a man who leaves you in a cave in the middle of the desert and gets waylaid on his way back.

The book that they said was unfilmable proved not to be the case when Anthony Minghella got his mits on it - the finest hour for Kristen Scott Thomas, Ralph Fiennes and Colin Firth.

- Sense and Sensibility: Well if you will fall for a man named Willoughby... We know he rescued you on a white horse and promised you the world but then he met a woman who had more money.

- Titanic: It is not enough that the ship sinks? You Kate, manage to meet your soul mate on the way down. And just happen to be marrying another man.

However, as many have pointed out to me over the years, there was plenty of room on that bit of wood for two!!

- Shakespeare In Love: To get what she wants the girl has to dress like a guy and then she falls for a guy, dressed as a guy and has to come out as a girl, who is actually engaged to another guy.

Colin Firth finds himself in a third love triangle in Shakespeare in Love as he is engaged to Gwyneth Paltrow - only to find she is in fact in love with Joseph Fiennes - those pesky brothers always get in the way!

Water For Elephants is out now.