Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling

The Fifty Shades of Grey movie adaptation is already causing a bit of a fuss and the screenplay of the saucy story hasn't even been written.

But there is only one question on everyone's lips... who will play Christian Grey? We take a look at some of the possible runners and riders.

- Ian Somerhalder

The Vampire Diaries actor has been linked to the central role of Christian for some time and last week he was believed to be one of the favourites of the scriptwriter Bret Easton Ellis.

And Somerhalder himself said that he would be interested in taking on the role - even going on to suggest that Angelina Jolie should possibly play Anastacia Steele.

On the down side he is perhaps not the most imposing figure for this rather dangerous role

- Alexander Skarsgard

It seems that Alexander Skarsgard is incredibly interested in playing the rather racy role as he  said 'where do I sign' when acted about the part by Access Hollywood.

Not to mention the Swedish hunk is more than comfortable with the stripping side of the role after four seasons of True Blood.

Skarsgard believes that he is born to play this role and it would be the biggest part of his career if he was to do so.

- Christian Bale

The Batman actor is believed to be the favourite of many of the fans as Bale as a dark and brooding side that would be totally perfect for the role.

Bale is the most high profile of the names that have been banded around and with an Oscar already under his belt this would be a major coup for the studio if he was to agree to take on the role.

Bale is a great actor and he would have no trouble showing the somewhat obsessive nature of the character - this has the potential to be a great performance.

- Ryan Gosling

The very lovely Ryan Gosling is another high profile name that is being banded about and, much like casting Bale, this would be a huge boost for the movie.

Gosling showed a somewhat darker acting side last year with Drive and he could take that one step further with the role of Christian Grey.

Gosling is a hugely talented actor who is more than capable of mixing suave and sophistication with obsessive dark and dangerous.

- Zac Efron

Zac Efron is another actor who is also believed to be in the frame as he looks to shake off the squeaky clean image that comes with starring in the likes of High School Musical.

But in his career so far Frond has not shown any hint that he would be able to take on such a dark role and do it justice - sorry all Frond fans.

Then there is the subject of age, I don't know about you but he does strike me as a tad young for this part.

- Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill is set to see his star rocket next year when he takes on the role of Superman and he is another actor who has been mentioned in the early stages of this movie.

Now let's face it he didn't exactly nose dive off the ugly tree and the role of Christian Grey could be perfect as he tries to move away from the role of Clark Kent.

Also at twenty nine Cavill is the perfect age for the role as he is only two years older than Grey in the novel.

Chris Pine was also being considered but he publicly turned down the role of Jay Leno earlier this week so he is out of the running.

Then the likes of Matt Boomer, Colin Glassful and Eric Winter are also being talked about and perhaps a lesser known star is what such a highly anticipated movie like this needs.

Fifty Shades of Grey is expected to hit the big screen next year but it looks like we are going to have to wait a little while longer to find out the casting details.

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  1. by Christian Fan 26th Jun 2012 11:23

    Angelina Jolie is a beautiful woman but I think the movie should find somebody younger to play the part. They would need to convincingly portray the innocent character that Anastasia h... Read More

  2. by Catherine 26th Jun 2012 12:51

    I agree Angelina would not be right for the role. It has to be someone who displays innocence perhaps someone not as well known in the acting world perhaps.

  3. by Fifty Shades Fan 26th Jun 2012 13:44

    I completely agree with 'Christian Fan'. The character of Ana needs to be played by a gorgeous young actress. When reading the books women want a man like Christian in their lives to in... Read More

  4. by sue 26th Jun 2012 14:25

    Christian Grey has to be played by Jesse Pavelka!!!!!

  5. by leslie 26th Jun 2012 14:51

    I think Leeton Meister would be a great as Anastasia Steele. Gosling, Henry Cavill would be a great Christian Grey. Bale is too old for that part.

  6. by Emma 26th Jun 2012 15:19

    I personally think Kristen Stewart would make an amazing Anastasia. She portrays innocence in the twilight films remarkably.

  7. by toni 26th Jun 2012 17:54

    i think chris hemsworth should play christian grey

  8. by KimberlyEnter your name 26th Jun 2012 20:16

    Colin Egglesfield should play Christian Grey, and Ashley Benson Anastasia.. They both would be perfect!

  9. by Lady Sybilla 26th Jun 2012 20:41

    Deborah Ann Woll has demonstrated she can be both innocent and dark, and she's far better looking than Kristen Stewart.

  10. by Carmella 26th Jun 2012 22:13

    If ANYONE watches Days of Our Lives, they will TOTALLY agree with me when I say that Christian Grey should be played by the one and only Shaw Christian...(Dr. Daniel Jonas) from his bea... Read More

  11. by Kathy 26th Jun 2012 22:34

    Has anyone thought about Chris Hemsworth or William Levy in the role, an unknown might be best to play Christian. A fresh new face (for Ana and Christian) may be what is needed to brin... Read More

  12. by Kostandina 26th Jun 2012 23:49

    ian somerhalder would be the best christian grey with them pretty eyes.HOT DAMN!

  13. by cruizin596 27th Jun 2012 02:28

    Both of the lead roles need actors who have no inhibitions. I actually believe that casting Christian is more important than Ana. The actor chosen will need to be extremely comfortab... Read More

  14. by Edie 27th Jun 2012 07:59

    Henry Cavill IS Christian Grey! His Dunhill ads on youtube say it all. He has the looks,the body,the eyes chr(38) that boyish smile. He was in Tudors where he did playful,domineering,se... Read More

  15. by Joe 27th Jun 2012 09:39

    Angelina Jolie that has totally put me off have you seen the state of her latley I would not watch the film if she was cast as Anastasia , someone much younger !

  16. by sarah 27th Jun 2012 11:16

    ian somerhalder or henry cavill for christian and alexis bledel for ana!!!!

  17. by cags 27th Jun 2012 12:28

    James Franco does it for me as Christian, he's got that brooding/gorgeous smile thing going on and I know his trousers would hang from his hips in 'That way'!

  18. by Ebony 27th Jun 2012 13:00

    Jared Padalecki should play Christan Grey

  19. by Faye 27th Jun 2012 13:40

    In the book ChristianGrey is 27 and Ana is 21 so whoever get the role should look about that age.

  20. by Michelle 27th Jun 2012 14:53

    Channing Tatum would make a perfect Mr Grey...agree with the Angelina comments and I really hope Kristen Stewart doesn't play Ana either!

  21. by Nancy Grierson 27th Jun 2012 15:30

    Ryan Goslin would be perfect for Christian Grey PERFECT

  22. by june 27th Jun 2012 17:10

    Jessie Pavelka is spot on!

  23. by Gina 27th Jun 2012 21:38

    Arie from the Bachelorette? Hearing rumors.

  24. by Cayley B 27th Jun 2012 23:30

    Ryan Gosling is the only one listed with the acting skills to pull off the darker side of Grey, while also being in balance with the playful side.
    Dark, mysterious, complex = Ryan
    T... Read More

  25. by danzibarr 27th Jun 2012 23:33

    JACKSON RATHBONE, hell to the yes.

  26. by AlexPettyfersFuture 28th Jun 2012 02:15

    Alex Pettyfer was born to play this role!!! Felicity Jones for Anastasia and Kate Upton for Kate.

  27. by Jessica 28th Jun 2012 02:24

    Ryan Gosling or Ian Somerhalder for Grey. Emma Stone or Leighton Meester for Steele. :) I'm also considering Mila Kunis!

  28. by Manny 28th Jun 2012 02:59

    Ryan Gosling is the best pick to play Christian Gray.
    Ashlee Greene is the best pick to play Ana Steele.

  29. by Latheas 28th Jun 2012 05:34

    William Levy as Christian Grey = would fit Perfect as the unknown actor to bring a very sexy movie to life portraying a sensual, intensely dominant, sexy man of many shades that is Chri... Read More

  30. by mallory 28th Jun 2012 05:35

    It has to be Ian who plays Christian! He has the perfect expressions, look, acting personality, etc. If they cast someone else they are absolutely crazy!

  31. by courtney 28th Jun 2012 05:45

    Ryan Gosling would be AMAZING!
    Ian is too short and doesn't have nearly half the talent that Gosling has

  32. by Andie 28th Jun 2012 06:46

    William Levy is GORGEOUS, in a serious way. He has the entire package, he may need a dialect coach,but he has the looks that make women melt.
    And Jessica Brown Findlay! What a stunni... Read More

  33. by Shinnyd 28th Jun 2012 12:16

    I think Paul Walker or Chace Crawford 100%

  34. by Claire 28th Jun 2012 15:09

    Tom Hardy is Mr Grey. He has good the good looks, could pull off the full dark side perfectly and still have the 'more' down to a tee. His acting skills are second to none (watch the ta... Read More

  35. by laura 28th Jun 2012 20:21

    christian grey has to be played by JESSIE PAVELKA!!!!!!!!!
    ITS an absolute must no one else is fittng forthe part he is just peeerrrrrfffeeeeecccccttttttt

  36. by Lexi 29th Jun 2012 00:18

    As soon as I started reading the first book I have pictured Christian Grey as Ryan Gosling

  37. by Lisa 29th Jun 2012 04:40

    How is Ian too short? He's 5' 10''. He is the total package for Christian Grey. And the makes women weak in the kness thing he's got going on is so Fifty.

  38. by Samantha 29th Jun 2012 04:54

    Definitely Ryan Gosling. If not him then it should be someone unknown. I think Lily Collins as Ana.

  39. by Henry Cavill Fanpage 29th Jun 2012 15:10

    Henry Cavill would nail it. He's shown he can do smoldering hot in The Tudors. The picture of Christian Grey that E.L. James Paints is Henry! Henry FTW!

  40. by Alessandra C 29th Jun 2012 21:06

    Henry Cavill is the guy. Hands down. Ian looks small -- he's appealing to girls who like pretty boys/boy bands. Christian Grey is an imposing, beautiful man. That's Henry Cavill. Castin... Read More

  41. by Lady Sybilla 29th Jun 2012 23:38

    My first choice for Christian Grey is Christian Bale--dark night, sexy psycho, could wear contacts, hello! I'd go as far as to say that Christian Bale inspired the characterization of ... Read More

  42. by Yvonne Tolentino 30th Jun 2012 01:06

    I read the three books and I definitely feel that ALEXANDER SKARSGARD is perfect for the part. I read all three books in 2 days. I just couldn't stop reading. Every time I would put the... Read More

  43. by Yvonne Tolentino 30th Jun 2012 01:08

    I read the three books and I definitely feel that ALEXANDER SKARSGARD is perfect for the part. I read all three books in 2 days. I just couldn't stop reading. Every time I would put the... Read More

  44. by Ciara 30th Jun 2012 04:45

    Colin Egglesfield... as Christian... he has those grey eyes... mmm...

  45. by Tina Coles 30th Jun 2012 09:16

    Gutted that Chris pine isn't going to do it although Ian somerhalder would be amazing to but would have to lighten his hair as for ana I think mIla kunis would be perfect and angelico w... Read More

  46. by tracey 01st Jul 2012 01:00

    Alex Pettyfer should play Christian Grey he has the look and the build for the role . His hair grown out has as Ana described that just _uck look

  47. by Laura 01st Jul 2012 10:27

    Henry Cavill and Natalie Portman.

  48. by Sunny 01st Jul 2012 10:43

    Ryan Gosling would be SO WRONG for the part. To old looking. The same goes for Aleksander Skarsgaard, Christian Bale and Henry Cavill.

    The only two that 'might' look the part are Za... Read More

  49. by Shell 01st Jul 2012 16:30

    What about Matt Dallas? He's fresh, the right age and smokin HOT! Contacts can change those green eyes to gray!

  50. by Tami 02nd Jul 2012 20:30

    Christian Grey should be played by Channing Tatum

  51. by Edie 03rd Jul 2012 08:10

    Henry Cavill is perfect. He fits all the description chr(38) has the acting resume to prove it.he has even the nudity chr(38) steamy scenes on Tudors. Zach Efron looks like a boy not a ... Read More

  52. by Tootsie 04th Jul 2012 21:42

    Jolie could play Christian's mother.
    Robert Pattinson is the only one for the role of C. Grey.
    Any other in the role will mean I won't see the film. Good lord some of the people you ... Read More

  53. by rosa 05th Jul 2012 16:27

    colin egglesfield for christian grey. alexis bledel for ana steele.

  54. by samantha 05th Jul 2012 16:32

    Alexander skarsward is best fit for the part.....he already plays the part

  55. by Milly 06th Jul 2012 10:09

    CG has to be in control, sophisticated and effortless. Ryan Gosling would be perfect! He has displayed the acting talent that's needed in his roles in Crazy Stupid Love and Drive. I ca... Read More

  56. by Renee 07th Jul 2012 21:16

    Henry Cavill... Wow that man is sexy. He oozes with sexapel.. him as Christian Grey... Oooh lala

  57. by Maria 08th Jul 2012 00:44


  58. by K Mitchell 08th Jul 2012 14:25

    I believe Jessie Pavelka is Perfect! There is even a Fan page on Facebook started for this belief...Christian Grey Fans forJessie Pavelka...going for the underdog..if he'd take it! Happy speculating ladies!

  59. by Anna 09th Jul 2012 16:48

    Eddie Redmayne for Christian Grey and carey Mulligan or Taylor Swift for Ana...

  60. by Alona Freeman 09th Jul 2012 18:01

    Only Matt Bomer!!! He is a god just like Christian!!!

  61. by Tonya 09th Jul 2012 19:18

    I WANT Christian Bale to play the part! PLEASE!!! ;)

  62. by Kim 09th Jul 2012 19:43

    Matt Bomer is all I have to say! Google him ladies!

  63. by Angela 10th Jul 2012 00:42

    Julian Morris would be a dream.

  64. by Emma 10th Jul 2012 08:57

    I would not be interested if Zac Efron played the part. I am totally see christian be played by Christin Bale all the others are too muscly or not handsome enough.

    I really hope ana... Read More

  65. by Jen 10th Jul 2012 09:19

    Simon Baker fits perfectly!

  66. by GreyInLove! 10th Jul 2012 17:31

    Maybe a bit older than should be...but...i can't think of anyone that would look better in the scenes where CG's pants are hanging on his hips then Matthew McConaughey!! Oh and please, ... Read More

  67. by Lindsey 11th Jul 2012 15:31

    Minka Kelly chr(38) Alexander Skarsgard

  68. by Anna 11th Jul 2012 21:45

    Chris Hemsworth is Christian Grey, but he needs to tone done his muscles. Christian is lean but not big like Thor. Ana should be played by Emma Roberts maybe.

  69. by Lelani 12th Jul 2012 05:51

    Think about Ryan Reynolds as Christian, he's perfect. He has the right look.

  70. by rachel 13th Jul 2012 06:20

    Matt Bomer would be perfect for Christian Grey. There is no better actor then Matt

  71. by Honey 13th Jul 2012 22:46


  72. by Gee 17th Jul 2012 01:51

    Rooting on MATT BOMER....Yeah, he's gay, but he can act, and he's hot as described in the book! Besides, it's all about how the actor plays the role well that makes a pretty good movie :)

  73. by catherine lee 18th Jul 2012 00:50

    Although he is not extremely well known, my money would be on English actor Tom Hiddleston. He is truly beautiful, great bond structure, looks moody, alluring eyes, disarming smile. He ... Read More

  74. by lolo 18th Jul 2012 16:56

    ryan gosling to play christian grey, and kristen sweart to plat ana

  75. by Jennifer 19th Jul 2012 21:59

    I think hunky Josh Hartnett from the movie Pearl Harbor would make a great Christian Grey. The age matches.

  76. by Sarah 25th Jul 2012 00:50

    Christian Bale would be a perfect Christian Grey. He has that stern look, but makes you melt with his smile, just as I imagine CG would do. Definitely not too old, IMO

  77. by Annmarie 03rd Aug 2012 21:51

    Chris Hemsworth - Christian
    Alexis bledel - Ana
    (or I will play Ana if Chris Hemsworth is Christian???)

  78. by Steffie 12th Sep 2012 00:20

    No, not Angelina. It's about 10 years too late for her to play this particular role imho. Should be someone younger, fresher, and with an aura of innocence about her. I think Willi... Read More

  79. by Rachelle Clesca 25th Sep 2012 01:40

    I have a few suggestions on who to play Christian Gray; Antonio Sabato jr, Maurice Bernard both from general hospital. Also Zack Efron

  80. by Tartuffe 03rd Nov 2012 15:35

    Oh Please! there is only one true blonde man that can possibly be pretty enough as well as have the acting ability to play the role and that has to be Simon Baker........he was the first face i visualised when i read the character description in the book and he has the right amount of enigmatic charm as well as that gorgeous unruly blonde hair. Job done.

  81. by Thessa 07th Feb 2013 20:44