With King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword available now on Blu-ray, DVD and digtital download, fans of the story will be able to see King Arthur and his knights of the round table battle against evil, earning their place in history and proving exactly why they’re all so close and work so well together. In celebration of the film’s release, we’ve decided to take a look back at five of the best ‘Bands of Brothers’ the big screen has ever seen and, we have to say, we came back with some wildly different results! Here are our top 5…

The Hangover Crew

Whether it’s the original Hangover movie or one of the two equally hilarious sequels, it doesn’t matter what the crew go through in the films, they all seem to stick together. Though one of them is lost for most of the movie, we do love seeing what these fellas have to offer when we put the now classic comedies on the box, plus, we love the unrequited love Alan has for Phil. A brilliant series of films showing that when friends put their heads together, they can really get a lot done (and have an amazing time while doing so!)

The Goonies

We’re not sure The Goonies will ever be lost or forgotten. A film all about the friendship of the titular group; Mikey, Brandon, Data, Mouth and Chunk; we see that friends don’t always have to get along to all come together when it means the most. Always there for each other in their times of need, they make it through thick and thin and some of the most memorable and challenging experiences in cinematic history. This is an adventure that will always be shared with generations to come. We’re already anxiously anticipating our next rewatch!

The T-Birds

Without a doubt the slickest band of brothers there has ever been, The T-Birds are a group that, from their tucked in T-shirts to their leather jackets, look good whilst causing trouble, but all in good fun. Of course, we’re talking about the guys from the film Grease, in which John Travolta plays head T-Bird Danny Zuko, and quickly falls in love with the girl of his dreams, Sandy (Olivia Newton-John). Everybody wanted to be a part of the gang, and whilst we would never condone a girl changing entirely to fit in with her boyfriend and his friends, we can’t help but dance and sing along whenever Grease makes an appearance on the TV!

The Avengers

When it comes to superhero movies, The Avengers really seemed to lead the way, proving that you don’t have to be a group of men to really be a success in this genre! Black Widow is a fan-favourite who proves that she can more than keep up with her male crime-fighting counterparts, and with her intelligence and brilliant fighting skill, she’s a valuable and essential asset to the team. Despite all of their differences, the superheroes here always come together in the end to fight for the greater good, saving the world from a number of incomparable forces.

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

The Knights of the Round Table each helped Arthur take down Vortigern; they battled with him through thick and think so he could rightfully take his place as King. This band of brothers showed us exactly what true friendship was made of – doing anything for your fellow good guys.


So, there it is, our all-time favourite bands of brothers! You can grab your copy of King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword now on Blu-ray and DVD, or download digitally from the comfort of your own home!

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