J. Edgar

J. Edgar

The biopic movie has become one of the most popular genres in recent years and at the beginning of 2012 it was the turn of J.Edgar Hoover to go under the spotlight.

However the movie was not as great as you would have expected from Clint Eastwood and it has made it on to our Worst Movies of 2012 list at number seven.

Directed by Eastwood and starring Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role the movie follows the rise of Hoover as well as exploring his personal life.

Now I am a big fan of Clint Eastwood as a director but this is perhaps the poorest movie that he has ever helmed - which is surprising given the fact that Hoover is one of the most interesting men in U.S. history.

The main problem with this movie is Edgar was incredibly ruthless and dark and that really is not shown in the film.

It is touched upon slightly but not explored in the manner that you would have expected from Eastwood. The effect and impact that Hoover had on America is largely ignored which is a major shame.

While the film does highlight the achievements of Hoover the director never really gets under the skin of this man which is a little disappointing.

This could have been a powerful and rather dark movie and instead Eastwood has made something that is incredibly safe.

Leonardo DiCaprio really is its saving grace as he has delivered another great performance - I would have liked to see him tackle the darker side of this political figure.

At two hours and seventeen minutes the movie is a bit of a slog particularly when you think that nothing hard hitting about Hoover is tackled.

Eastwood has always been an incredibly exciting filmmaker that brings to life interesting characters and yet all these qualities seem to have disappeared with this movie.

J.Edgar should have been a very powerful political biopic instead it was a rather dull movie that looked as Hoover's personal life rather than trying to depict his professional life.

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