Bai Ling

Bai Ling

When the car comes too fast and hit me, I found myself, like, in the air

Bai Ling thinks nude scenes are "beautiful".

The 'Crank 2' actress insists she has no problem with baring all on screen as she understands it can be essential to the character and views her body as a "gift".

She said: "I'm very comfortable, because it's not me. It's the character, and needed for the movie, at the moments in the scene.

"I'm very comfortable, because in terms of talking about things, I think it's something nature gave us. It's a most beautiful sculpture, according to everybody in their own beings, are beautiful. So, it needs to be celebrated, cherished, and show of instance like - you know what, we in society. We grew up. We learned to be shameful of things we have, which is really pretty. No, things are beautiful. It's a gift."

As well as being comfortable with shedding her clothes, Bai is also happy to do her own stunts on film - but admits they can be dangerous.

She added to Moviehole: "With the car crash scene in 'Crank 2' that was dangerous, they had a stunt double there. But I just decided to do it myself.

"When the car comes too fast and hit me, I found myself, like, in the air. And then suddenly so fast, my nose almost cuts paint. It's pretty dangerous."

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