Christian Bale's Struggle With Batman's Voice....

Christian Bale struggled at first with his portrayal of the Caped Crusader - because he found it hard to adopt the superhero's trademark gruff voice.The actor and current Batman star insists that when he first took on the role for 2005's Batman Begins, mastering the character's deep tones was a real challenge.But now, with second movie The Dark Knight completed, he can effortlessly slip in to character Bruce Wayne's voice.He says, "On the first film, it took me a while to really get accustomed to the voice but it's like riding a bike."For the second one, I could just switch on and off any time".

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  1. by Paul 20th Jul 2008 22:52

    In an otherwise spectacular film, Bale's "batman voice" was the one thing that made me cringe.

  2. by Are people sheep, did anyone notice! 24th Jul 2008 17:59

    Seriously do you call that acting!! Why is it that Keaton or Clooney had no troubles with the voice of the Batman. I love Bale but the voice was the most horrible acting work I have see... Read More

  3. by chris 29th Jul 2008 07:33

    I noticed his voice when I first saw it and I wondered if anyone noticed it too.

    A lot of people do! lol It got worse in the end. He was HORRIBLE. He sounded DRUNK when Two Face ... Read More

  4. by Elizabeth 04th Aug 2008 14:42

    I have to disagree with just about everything!! i loved his voice, thought it was brill! and i ain't stopped thinkin bout it since i seen the dark knight a week ago!!!

  5. by Trish 07th Aug 2008 02:35

    I, too, loved the batman voice! Everyone criticizes it, but its reflective of the animated batman voice that many people consider great, including me. I just loved everything about th... Read More