Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren

Dame Helen Mirren is eager to clear her film schedule so she can return to Broadway, almost a decade after her last stage stint.
The Queen star previously wowed theatre audiences in New York when she starred in A Month in the Country (1995) and Dance of Death in 2001 and 2002; both projects earned her Tony Award nominations for Best Actress.
And Mirren is keen to head back to the theatre once again - she's just waiting for the perfect project to come her way.
She tells New York Post columnist Cindy Adams, "I very much want to do Broadway. Soon. Quite soon. I'm hoping something will jell."

The Oscar winner has barely paused for breathe this year with the release of Brighton Rock, The Tempest and Arthur.

She is back on the big screen in September with The Debt and she has also completed work on The Door,

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