Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo has admitted that he would be interested in doing a solo Hulk movie.

Ruffalo has taken over the role of Bruce Banner, played by Eric Bana and Edward Norton in recent years, in Avengers Assemble.

The Oscar nominated actor has revealed that the Hulk was one of his favourite comic book characters and would love to explore the character further in a solo movie.

Speaking to IGN the actor said: "It was the one character - you know, I was a comic book fan when I was a kid and I always loved the Hulk. When The Incredible Hulk, that show, came on, I would not miss that.

"So if I was going to find myself in that world, this would be the guy that I would be most interested in doing. To make a very short answer long: Yeah, I'd love to have him do his own movie."

Avengers Assemble will be the first chance that we get to take a look at Ruffalo as the Hulk as he joins Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth, who will be reprising the role of Iron Man, Captain American and Thor.

Jeremy Renner is also back at Hawkeye but this movie will be our first real look at the character, he did appear briefly in Thor last summer.

Avengers Assemble is released 26th April.

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