Chris Evans is hoping that he can return to the Director’s Chair in the near future, following his acting work on Gifted and the Avengers slate of films.

Chris Evans in Gifted

Chris Evans in Gifted

Speaking to Collider about the new flick, he was asked whether he’d be looking to direct again following his debut on Before We Go, to which he responded: “Yeah, I am. It’s tough, trying to find content.

“The first time I directed (Before We Go), to be completely honest, we found a little broken script and tried to give it a spit polish. If you’re not writing original content, you have to find available scripts, and the truth is that most available scripts are going to bigger directors than me. So, you really end up having to find little diamonds in the rough. And I’m looking.

“No disrespect to the first film that I directed, but it really was born out of the opportunity. Someone was willing to give me a chance, so I said, ‘I’m gonna take it, regardless.’ The second time out, I really want to make sure it’s a project that I wake up thinking about.”

With his comments obviously come no clues as to what he may be looking to direct, in terms of genre or previous major franchises. What he does make sure we know though is that if he ever does direct another movie, it’s going to be one that his heart is fully engaged with.

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