Double Emmy Award-winning actor Aaron Paul returns alongside Annabel Wallis in Zach Whedon’s debut action thriller, Come And Find Me, following a man who’s desperate to find his missing girlfriend. You can check out the brilliant trailer for the flick below:

David (Aaron Paul) and Claire (Annabel Wallis) aren’t your convention couple. Though they seem to have the perfect relationship, that all comes crashing down when Claire mysteriously disappears without a trace, leaving David to put together pieces of a puzzle without all of the information.

Incapable of letting go, David follows his missing girlfriend down a dangerous path, only to discover she’s been living a double life and isn’t exactly who she says she was. Forced to risk everything to see her again, will the pair make it out together? Or will nothing ever be the same again?

Annabel Wallis and Aaron Paul star
Annabel Wallis and Aaron Paul star

Garret Dillahunt and Terry Chen also star in this action-packed thriller, with more twists and turns than you could imagine.

Come And Find Me is released digitally on August 7, ahead of Blu-ray and DVD release on August 21.

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