Described as “a haunting examination of love, obsession and domination that weaves a twisted yet irresistible spell,” Frank & Lola brings outstanding performers Michael Shannon and Imogen Poots together in a psychosexual noir romance tale that’s different to much that many have seen in movies of the past.

Now a brand new trailer for the film has been revealed, showing both the loving and caring side the characters in the movie share as well as the jealous, vengeful and destructive side that looks close to tearing the pair apart.

The official synopsis for the upcoming release reads: “A seductive and intense noir romance for our times, Frank & Lola is the story of two people locked in a battle of passion and obsession. When talented chef Frank meets aspiring fashion designer Lola, he falls instantly and violently in love. As the secrets of Lola’s dark past are revealed, the lovers are drawn into a web of sex, jealousy and revenge.”

Directed by Matthew Ross and initially released in the US on December 9, 2016, the movie failed to make an impact in the box office, taking in just $9,188. Despite that, the majority of reviews are positive, with the flick taking in a 66% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Decide for yourself when it comes to home release.

Frank & Lola is officially released on digital HD on February 20 and on DVD on April 10.

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