When it was revealed there was a film incoming based on some of our favourite emojis we use when messaging one another, nobody really knew what to expect. That movie is The Emoji Movie, and whilst it sounds absolutely ridiculous from the outside looking in, there’s no denying that those involved are going all out to make it a success, with some huge names involved. One of those names is James Corden who stars as the Hi-5 emoji; you can check out a first look of the character below:

As the sidekick to the film’s hero Gene (T.J. Miller), Hi-5 embarks on a quest to fix the fact Gene has no filter and can make any face he likes, unlike all of his fellow emoji stars who are stuck with a single expression.

Anna Faris stars as Jailbreak, with Patrick Stewart as the poop emoji, Maya Rudolph as the smiley emoji, Steven Wright as Mel Meh aka Gene’s emoji father, Rob Riggle as the ice cream emoji, Jennifer Coolidge as Mary Meh aka Gene’s emoji mother, Jake T. Austin as Alex the human and Sofia Vergara as the Flamenco Dancer emoji.

Directed by Tony Leondis from a screenplay by Leondis alongside Mike White, Jordan Roberts and Eric Siegel, Michelle Raimo Kouyate serves as producer and Patrick Doyle has completed the music for the release.

The Emoji Movie hits UK cinemas on August 4, 2017.

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