Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson said he 'hesitated' before signing on to star in A Walk Among the Tombstones.

Neeson is set to team up with writer/director Scott Frank for the adaptation of the Lawrence Block novel.

However, the actor admits that he was a little worried about taking on another action role and wanted to avoid something that was similar to what he had done in the past.

Speaking to Empire, the actor said: When I first read Scott Frank's scrip, I hesitated. Because I thought, 'here we go, here's another f***ing telephone call, talking to the bad guys'. So there was a huge question mark before taking it on."

Neeson liked the director's vision for the film when he sat down with Frank to discuss the project.

"He outlined how he wanted to treat it, very noir-ish, allowing scenes to play out, rather than this MTV-edited craze where if a character speaks more than two sentences the editor's scared or the director's scared the audience will get bored."

Neeson will take on the central role of private investigator Matt Scudder, while Dan Stevens, Sebastian Roché, and Boyd Holbrook are also on board.

This will be the first film for Neeson since A Million Ways To Die In The West, but he has also completed work on Taken 3 and Run All Night.

A Walk Among the Tombstones is released 18th September.

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  1. by Ruth 18th Aug 2014 12:07

    I can understand why Liam Neeson would be wary about tackling a similar role, but I happen to think he makes an excellent action hero. He really has seen his career take a different pat... Read More

  2. by Sally 18th Aug 2014 12:11

    You really can't beat a but of Liam Neeson in an action role - I think he has been great in this genre in recent years. I am a big fan of the novel Walk Among The Tombstones and I can't... Read More

  3. by Mrs Johnny Depp 18th Aug 2014 12:23

    It is amazing how quickly a career can change direction as you would never have thought of Liam Neeson as an action hero before Taken. I think the genre fits him well!!! A Walk Among The Tombstones looks set to be another great film for the actor, and it is fab to see him in another tense thriller that lets him do his action thing. We have only got a few weeks before the film drops, and I will be heading to check it out.

  4. by Resident Of Asgard 18th Aug 2014 15:50

    I think Liam Neeson makes a terrific action hero, and Taken really was a turning point in his direction - I don't think anyone expected the film to enjoy as much success as it did. I too have read and am a big fan of the book, and I hope that the adaptation stays true to the story. Looking forward to seeing Neeson in action once again.

  5. by Karma Cosmic Joke 01st Sep 2014 14:12

    In my opinion, one of the reasons he was so great in Taken was because he was ready for an intense role. He had just lost his lovely wife, unexpectedly, and I think that flowed through the role in the first Taken. The second was surprisingly good and I would LOVE to see Neeson as 007!!!!