Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro wants to revisit the character Travis Bickle in a Taxi Driver sequel.

De Niro played Bickle back in 1976 and went on to win an Oscar for portrayal of the Vietnam war veteran.

The actor reveals that he has spoken to director Martin Scorsese about the possibility of another movie.

Speaking to The Guardian newspaper the actor said: "I said, why don't we write something? And I talked to Marty and Paul did take a shot at something, whether it was an outline or a script, I forget.

"But somehow we didn't think it was right and it didn't take off. But I'd like to see where Travis is today. There was something about that guy - all that rage and alienation, that's what the city can do to you.

"I mean Marty and I are from New York, and even we can feel alienated."

Taxi Driver is widely regarded as one of De Niro's best movies as well as one of the best films of all time.

De Niro will return to the big screen next week as he leads an all star cast in The Family. He has also completed work on American Hustle Grudge Match and The Bag Man.

He is currently filming Hands of Stone with director Jonathan Jakubowicz.

'The Family' hits cinemas on November 22.

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