Roberto Orci

Roberto Orci

Roberto Orci says he wants to shake up the superhero genre with Venom.

Venom is set to be a spin-off of The Amazing Spider Man franchise, which Orci has been on board to pen.

Orci is set to team up with Alex Kurtzman and Ed Solomon to pen the screenplay, which will focus on one of Spider Man's most famous villains.

Speaking to IGN, Orci said: "I think they're ready to have things shaken up. I think we've all seen everything. You've seen everything.

"You can probably predict the ending of most things even better than a general audience, but a general audience is still pretty good at it.

"They can see it all coming. So we have to shake it up. You can't just keep telling the same stories every day."

The Amazing Spider Man has been hugely successful since the franchise was rebooted back in 2012 - the sequel will hit the big screen later this year.

Venom is just one of the Spider Man spin-offs that we will be seeing, as Sinister Six is also set to get the movie treatment.

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