After shooting to fame on this year's edition of Britain's Got Talent and finishing in the final two, Lucy Kay became a household name and somebody the nation could admire for tackling her demons and showcasing her talent to the world.

Now with her debut album on the horizon, Lucy Kay has exclusively told Female First 15 things her fans and new listeners may not know about her - take a look below!

Lucy Kay

1) I am 5ft2", but because I wear heels a lot people think I am much taller.

2) I cannot function without a cup of tea in the morning with 2 sugars.

3) I tend to have 10 cups of tea a day (hehe!).

4) I watch the UFC.

5) My favourite Sport is Muay Thai Boxing.

6) I always leave the base of a cheesecake - I cannot eat it for some reason.

7) I cannot stand Avocado.

8) I LOVE a good pint of Guinness, that sees me through the week.

9) I cannot live without my make-up, although last time I was in London I left it all! NIGHTMARE!

10) I love animals and if I could be a volunteer or animal rescuer at the same time as being a singer I would do it!

11) I have a dog that is a French Mastiff and is almost as big as me - and she is only 1!

12) I have a large family (3 sisters and 1 brother).

13) I love my nana Ruby and I am going to call my daughter one day Ruby.

14) My favourite thing to do/night out would be a Total Wipe Out style assault course.

15) My absolute idol is Dita Von Teese and I am pretty sure I would faint if I met her.

Lucy Kay releases her debut album ‘Fantasia’ on 29th September through Sony Classics.  

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