Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert’s is one of the biggest success stories from American Idol, with the Indianapolis born singer going from the musical stage to topping the charts with a devoted fan base backing him up all the way.

Despite a promising career on stage, it was the world of pop that lured him in, after a psychedelic experience at festival Burning Man convinced him to audition for the eighth series of American Idol.

His time on American Idol was the perfect stage for his talent to shine, as his exuberant personality and performance style was a breath of fresh air for a show that was crying out for something new. Even though he didn’t win the show, coming in second to Kris Allen, Adam Lambert was arguably the star of the competition.

This was shown in the performance of his first album For Your Entertainment, which successfully navigated the choppy waters that have claimed so many a reality show contestant, getting into the top three in the charts.

While it was an extremely competent album that showed off his vocal talents excellently, and one of the best debuts from an American Idol contestant, something didn’t feel quite right.

One collaboration would not only be highly fruitful, but also pointed out where Lambert was set to go with his career trajectory.

While Queen have had a long list of vocalists join them on stage, Adam Lambert was easily one of the most natural fits with the band, with his massive voice the perfect fit for many of Queens epic songs.

It’s a link he’s continued over the last year and one that will hopefully remain intact for some time to come. We just really hope they decide to have a go in the recording session.

It’s only in the last year though that he’s really started showing exactly what he can do in the recording studio though.

The success of Trespassing was absolutely sensational. Rocketing to number one in the American album charts, it surpassed all expectations and made Lambert the first openly gay musician ever to top the Billboard 200.

While the sales figures were incredible, the step up in quality between debut and follow up was just as big, with it universally being given the thumbs up by critics (we even called it one of our top ten albums of 2012) Trespassing was a real show of intent from Lambert.

His second album really allowed Lambert to express himself creatively, with nearly every track on the album written, at least in some way by Lambert. The extra freedom is worth its weight in gold, with Trespassing outdoing For Your Entertainment in every single respect.

Able to escape the ballads that had unfortunately become synonymous with his name, Trespassing was an album that embraced the sillier side of Lambert, with much more up-tempo numbers that revelled in the world of glam-pop and simply strutted about for all to see.

Adam Lambert hasn’t just defied the expectations for American Idol contestants; he’s smashed them, all while not going into a well-trod musical path and really making a musical niche out for himself.

The success of Trespassing and his legions of fans go to show that Lambert might just be the best role model for anyone else coming up through the world of reality talent shows.


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  1. by Marvene 12th Jan 2013 10:21

    I am really confused by this article. Trespassing was number one for only one week (78,000 copies, which was the lowest selling number one in the previous 18 months).

    They are promoting him internationally, but shouldn't you be a national star in your own country first? He tweeted/promised us a US Trespassing tour; so if RCA supports him, thinks he is successful and he made them enough money, why isn't he touring in the US first, instead of Asia?

    I thought he was awesome on Idol; but he really shot himself in the foot, when he performed on the AMA's. He even admitted it and said that after the AMAs his radioplay plummeted.

  2. by Janet B 12th Jan 2013 21:22

    This is one of the most positive articles I've read about Adam. I am a huge Glambert and frankly I'm sick of the constant negative press he gets for being honest and up front (oh don't forget gay, we can't forget that), and flamboyant. He has been slammed lately for his personal opinion of Les Mis.

    I have never in my 54 years ever followed an artist like this. He is getting great reviews for Trespassing despite that sales are low mostly in America. Without radio airplay and TV appearances (why I don't know), he has struggled. However, overseas he has done better. He is singing all over the world. I fear his latest "rant" on Les Mis (by the way I am a musical theatre fanatic and agreed with him) will hurt him in the future.

    My favorite Lambert experience was his performances with Queen. My bucket list is to see him live with Queen. I worry this won't happen, but am hopeful. I've seen him live and I struggle at other live concerts because no one compares to his vocals and stage persona. Weak people can't look beyond his persona but they should. I don't understand why his disappointment in only one aspect of Les Miserables (a couple "non-singers") went viral. He praised the acting and suggested people see it. They look for any reason to trash him. Jealousy maybe? I don't listen to the radio or watch award shows at all. But some day I'd like to know he got a break on both.Thanks.

  3. by Camille 12th Jan 2013 23:21

    Just a slight correction; Trespassing did not 'rocket to' the number one position on the Billboard 200, it DEBUTED there. A hugely entertaining album by an insanely talented man

  4. by Cyndi 12th Jan 2013 23:24

    I can't believe how much I love Adam Lambert!!

  5. by mstj56 13th Jan 2013 03:47

    Such a pleasure to read such a fantastic article on Adam. In my opinion, he is simply the best!!

  6. by glamit 13th Jan 2013 08:40

    wow! well said! Adam is such an incredible artist! Love his albums and can't wait for the 3rd one! thank you for such great review!

  7. by Cathy M 13th Jan 2013 10:08

    So proud to be a fan of Adam Lambert, best vocal talent in music industry today!

  8. by Gala 13th Jan 2013 17:30

    Excellent article! Every word is true! His Trespassing album is in my car for the year and I can't stop listening to it again and again!

  9. by Lauriellen 13th Jan 2013 17:31

    I am such an obsessed fan of Adam Lambert and, like most Glamberts, will buy multiple copies of anything he puts out. I hope that with #3 he finds the perfect balance of artistic integrity and commercial success. He deserves it. He is the greatest singer/entertainer alive. Not only that, he is inspiring.

  10. by Rooney 13th Jan 2013 17:32


  11. by Lauren 13th Jan 2013 17:35

    This article just makes me so proud to be a Glambert! It just show's that this guy is one of a kind! Reading this article about this journay of success makes me so happy but it's only just going to keep rising with this amazing 3rd album already being talked about!!!
    Adam is the most positive and influencial person to come out of this generation. He just doesn't care about what people think and he isn't afraid to say his own opinion knowing that he would be judged by someone. He shows that if you are the slightest bit different to a normal sterotype, that's the part that makes you amazing in you own way. Adam is such an inspiration to millions of people everywhere and if anyone were to hurt him that the Glamberts will always be there for him no matter what. He will always be my inspiration and so what if he didn't win idol he will always be my Idol!

  12. by MARTIJANA 13th Jan 2013 18:08

    Yea Trespassing actually debuted on billboard top 200 numb 1. but that doesn't matter...great article !! And I just can't figure it out, how come he isn't that popular in USA like he is overseas, it's a pity ! Low radio plays in USA are really damaging his career in my opinion huge problem for him ! He's an amazing artist, not just a singer, an artist ! I personally believe that people take him too seriously, I mean com'on - kissing a guy on stage, make up, glitter, big mouth... who careeees it's all tongue and cheek !! Chill and enjoy the music

  13. by kathy 13th Jan 2013 18:34

    Hey Marvene, are you going to hold that stupid AMA show against Adam Lambert the rest of his life??? Ridiculous. He has gone far beyond that. Time to let go Marvene. Adam is a wonderful talent and you are missing out on alot of great music to hold that stupid show against him forever. His own concerts and tv appearances are nothing like that. Time to move on hon. That was years ago!

  14. by Sherry 13th Jan 2013 18:38

    Adam has already achieved worldwide success with both his albums. Unfortunately US radio won't play his music for several reasons: His voice and music is so much better than 98% of all pop songs and singers in top 20. Radio doesn't know where to put him so they don't put him anywhere. Money talks..if any song is played on radio the label must pay millions to get song played on radio. If they don't pay song doesn't get played. Corruption as its best in US. I for one am sick of US radio and have stopped listening completely because it's so bad..same ole crappy songs played over and over again. Adam is achieving more than these mediocre US singers and is gaining international fans who appreciate his talent and him as a person.US Radio will soon by a thing of the past so I don't care what they play right now. Adam will shine while doing concerts all over the world. I also predict he'll make new music with Queen and tour worldwide.

  15. by Christine 13th Jan 2013 19:07

    I so agree that Adam Lambert is one of the most talented artists out there today. Unfortunately, I do not understand what the heck is going on with the radio stations, the aware shows, and the t.v. appearances. People need to get over the AMA's!!!! First he did NOTHING different from the other men on stage with the exception that he did with another man...who cares!!!! Think of all those rapper guys or pop stars also who have all these half naked women roaming around them while they are singing songs that have absolutely nothing to do with women being half naked...but that's all o.k. because they sleep with women!!! Shhhissshhhh people need to get over it OR ban all that the exploitation of those women as well.
    Enough said about that PleASE!!!
    Adam Lambert is super talented - the critics ALL say he is the most talented they have seen in years. Somehow, somewhere, someday HE WILL BE THE BIGGEST STAR ON TV AND RADIO. We just have to believe that someone will support him they way he should be supported and get the credit he is due.

  16. by lisa 13th Jan 2013 19:37

    Thanks for the article, I love Adam and am so happy for his success. He has a lot of hurdles to overcome as an openly gay artist and Im glad to see he is managing to overcome those. A testament to his talent that cant be denied. Its great to see that he is doing well on the charts in diverse places and he is playing to thousands in arenas in such places as China and Russia that are actually quite homophobic societies as I understand it, so he is really breaking new ground and bringing hopefully change and tolerance.

    I am proud to be his fan and cant wait to see what this year and his new album brings.

  17. by Terry 13th Jan 2013 19:49

    Great article thanks!!! Love reading about Mr Lambert - such a nice guy and talented too! LMAO @ Marvene's comment tho. The AMA's were a blip on his radar. Just a lesson in intolerance he incorporated into his approach to the US industry from then on. His sales record AFTER the AMA's speaks for itself. He did just fine. Interestingly, his AMA boy-on-boy action didn't bother people in other countries, in fact, in Australia we think it was awesome! It's just a few hundred people in the US who made a fuss. But anyway, I'm intrigued, why on earth would he HAVE to be a success in his "own country" before he's allowed to be a success overseas? Is that some kind of weird rule you made up? Sorry but that's not how things work. Adam is already a success in Asia and Europe and well loved in Australia and New Zealand. The US just needs to catch up with the rest of the world. Adam's album debuted at #1 on the Billboard chart and received critical acclaim in US media etc so they're already half way there. It's about time his detractors accepted the fact that Adam is immensely talented and is gonna be around for a long LONG time.

  18. by TrishaM 13th Jan 2013 20:35

    Fantastic positive article (with a few distortions here chr(38) there) but overall the kind of press Adam needs - thank you!

    I happen to believe RCA and Adam's current management are doing very well, supporting him and getting him in front of the public on TV and the international stage, as well as in the U.S. Adam's 2 albums are both excellent, it's such a shame that hasn't translated to radio play and sales - such a mystery! The album delays for Trespassing played havoc with promo - spread out over months - so that's partly to blame, but if you count just half of his Twitter followers as "legitimate" - where are the 800,000 albums sold that would equal? Everyone who hears him live is blown away - have they all bought albums and requested from local stations? No matter how good a vocalist and how phenomenal an entertainer Adam is, he needs fan support to succeed.

  19. by Kat 13th Jan 2013 22:00

    A nice article about a nice guy with a spectacular voice! :)

  20. by sagitariusmoon6 13th Jan 2013 22:18

    Yeah,he always has opinions ,might be not as diplomatic as you should be ,when you ''politically correct''. I dunno how many musical directors,film directors,producers were offended about Les Mis,but personally I'll watch the movie,because he made me curious.( Didn't want to before hand) So how many people gonna have a same reaction? It's free advertisement...... Trespassing was not played on a radio,was not promoted in the US,I have no idea why.He could make so much money on the homeland for so many,instead he go for international with great success, aaaand some of the profit would not benefit US managements and businesses.........flick on the nose in my opinion. Maybe American Idol watched by a minimum of 20 million,but one of the Asian television broadcast viewed by several billion.And that is just a start.He didn't even make one step on South-America.People gonna go nuts,I'm sure of it. I have both of his albums.I think he has more value and class in his work ,than some of the shit they force down on our throat day by day......can you blow the whistle and some other garbage.....meh..... I look forward for his next album and I hope to see him many,many years to come.

  21. by Ana 14th Jan 2013 01:05

    Marvene-Adam did remarkable with this album especially since radio didn't support it by playing much of the music. I have a copy of Trespassing as well as most of my friends do and we are blown away by it. The AMAs was a blip in his career and it is a shame people have to keep mentioning it. All celebrities have made blunders and he continued on with a very successful Glamnation tour (I went and it was best concert I've seen). He doing lots of concerts overseas right now and I don't blame him for going where he can make a $ or two. It takes money to go on a tour and pay your band members. Also he did 70 plus venues on that Glamnation tour and it really ties you up for a long time. I am glad he is getting around the world, performing with Queen, in front of millions at the concert in China, exposing his talent to the entire world. Maybe if US radio wasn't so stuck on the music of Bieber, One Direction, Rihanna, Britney, Taylor Swift, etc. (not to be disrespectful to them but let's face it they own the top 40) radio stations would branch out and play some really great original stuff as found in that Trespassing album. So until then his fans support him by buying his albums and hoping for a tour in the future--we might have to wait for the 3rd album for this to happen but that's ok--we are a patient bunch. Oh and would love to see him perform with Queen in this country.

  22. by therese 14th Jan 2013 06:10

    Just a quick comment to Marvene. Adams album didn't even come out until the day after the AMA's so there honestly is no way to know the affect of his AMA performance in the U S.

  23. by tnaftal 14th Jan 2013 22:00

    Thanks for such a positive article on Adam. As a biased fan I can't help but be happy for someone else recognizing what we see in Adam. To see what makes us want to support him and see him not only to succeed but be considered the top of the heap! His albums are phenomenal and I like every song and replay-ability is beyond amazing! Few artists put out music where you want to keep listening to every song.
    The mystery of US radio play is beyond me. My conspiracy theory (LOL) is that Clear Channel ( a right wing operation) has bought up the bulk of radio stations and refuses to promote a gay artist. We may never know why the reluctance to honor our requests for any of his music but it has us Glamberts baffled. An artist of his caliber should get more air time. And I am not some alternative personality who likes weird music. I have always been pretty much on the same page as others liking the same music as the poopular stations. So if I am "Mainstream" the only difference I see is that it's either he's gay or it's the recession yet the recession was global so I am back to homophobia of Clear Channel. Whatever the reason for Adams US struggles this slow burn in the US may prove to his benefit as he gets to learn and earn his way to the top! He's already multi-talented and faceted so this will allow him to handle that eventual US success with ease.

  24. by Luiza 16th Jan 2013 04:05

    This was the best article about him that I read in the past years. I am a huge Glambert and I'm shocked by the huge number of articles who criticize and disrespect Adam calling him a flamboyant and putting him down because of his sexuality, that is very refreshing to see one that doesn't do that. He has been very criticized for his opinions on Les Miz latelly and I find it very good that this one does not do that. I loved it!

  25. by Yvette 16th Jan 2013 10:28

    Adam Lambert is the most extraordinary jaw-dropping singer and performer on the planet! He has accomplished so much in his very short time since leaving Idol. 1 year after Idol Adam sells out a worldwide 124 Solo concert tour, which I was blessed to experience 4 times...every time people from around the world were flying in to Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois just to see Adam, paying thousands of $$$ and Adam sent every person there into a spell-binding frenzy with his Other-Worldly Voice and Seductive Eye popping sexxxiness and handsomeness!

    Then 2012 brings Trespassing, a SOLD OUT 6 show tour with Legendary Queen, to fans of up to 300 thousand at a time. Adam learning 23 Queen songs in a few weeks rehearsal and going out on stage and KILLING IT...bringing Brian May to tears saying "We feel like a BAND again after all these years Because of ADAM"

    So the loyal Glamily will continue to support the best talent to hit the planet and feel honored and blessed to have been in the presence of an Extraordinary Gift God has given us. All I want is Adam Lambert to NEVER stop singing to ME! XOXO

  26. by RoRo 17th Jan 2013 01:12

    Lovely article! There's no one I enjoy reading about more than Adam Lambert! To see him live in concert is to believe!

  27. by Sally 19th Jan 2013 18:09

    Enough with the "openly gay" entertainer. What about the "Grammy Nominee," or the "American Idol Alumni." Do we call Justine Timberlake the "openly straight recently married" entertainer?

    Ok, Adam is gay. Why does that have to be a factor? The guy is talented and has a powerhouse voice. He's intelligent and articulate. What about that? GEEZ.

  28. by Luz 17th Aug 2013 07:41

    When I like music I do not think about the person's gender, life style or age for music is just music. The first time I saw and heard about Adam in Idol, I called my sister who was working the night shift and told her that I had seen the brother of Elvis Presley and who I thought sang better than Elvis. She thought I was nuts until she saw him in internet. Ever since he has been our idol because no other male sings like that or looks like Adam. That charismatic personality and his gorgeous looks and that killer voice. Adam will go on to be the best male singer ever. And to our dear LORD all men are equal.

  29. by Luz 17th Aug 2013 07:45

    you should listen to the music and not to a lifestyle. Adam was born to sing.

  30. by Luz 17th Aug 2013 07:52

    It is so sad to hear people disrespect Adam. You say that certain radio stations do not play Adam's music, well find out what stations are biased and do not support said stations. We do not have to put up with such nonsense.

  31. by Luz 29th Sep 2013 04:46

    You are so right Adam is tops!

  32. by Luz 29th Sep 2013 04:52

    Anyone who treats Adam badly just because of the lifestyle, should know that we will not support them so do not listen to the radio station or anyone else who tries to blackball Adam.