Ben’s Brother

Ben’s Brother

We’ve given you Fightstar, Madina Lake and Steve Appleton, and now it’s the turn of mega-foxy Ben’s Brother to take over FemaleFirst for the day.

Heading into our office next Friday (July 31), the lovely Jamie Hartman from Ben’s Brother will be the next musician to reign control over my beautiful little music section and try his hand as a music journalist.

Reviewing all the latest album and singles, as well as interviewing a couple of his celeb best mates, my new celebrity best mate Jamie will be answering all of your questions so that you can get to know the man behind the music.

With a super fantastic new album, Battling Giants, and a sexy single on the way later this year, what better way to introduce this little tiger than with a day out at his favourite website?

So, anyone who loves Ben's Brother will know they're actually a five-piece band which was named after Jamie's big brother Ben, in whose shadow he lived as a teenager... look who's laughing now eh? And with a gold album already under their belt as well as a Ivor Novello Award nomination, you need to make sure this is the only website you visit next week… other than Facebook. Obviously.

So, because we love you, and we’d feel guilty keeping him all to ourselves, we want you to fill in the comment box below with your questions for Jamie, and we’ll get then answered for you! So get your thinking caps on kids… and if you’re super good, we might even let you win a prize or two. *Scream!*

FemaleFirst - Ruth Harrison

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  1. by Dee 26th Jul 2009 19:27

    Hi Jamie

    When are you guys coming back to Leeds? Saw you at Ruby Lounge recently but we'd love to have you back on our home ground!

    Anyone out there not yet heard of this band n... Read More

  2. by ck 28th Jul 2009 11:32

    Hey Jamie,
    You've worked with some big names on your latest album (Natalie Umbrulia, Joss Stone, Jason Mraz) who was your favourite to collaborate with? and is there anyone in particul... Read More

  3. by PCP 28th Jul 2009 13:37

    In a fight between a stoat and a goat - who would win?

  4. by Susan 29th Jul 2009 08:54

    Hey J
    You had a great 'backing group' in Bristol this year!!! If you could choose anyone (dead or alive) who would you like to sing with?
    Love Susan (No 1 Scottish fan) xXx

  5. by white_oprah 29th Jul 2009 14:22

    Hey Jamie,

    Peter or Jordan?

    MWAH x

  6. by Jessica Smith 29th Jul 2009 14:31

    Jamie, how come you use a name that makes you sound like a solo artist?

    Do you want people to think you're just a solo singer like Marylin Manson?

    Thanks. xx

  7. by Claire Hanson 28th Jul 2009 21:34


    I would like to ask Jamie from Ben's Brother what his favourite gig to date has been and if you're going to be doing any festivals this summer?

  8. by Rose 26th Jul 2009 10:31

    Hi Jamie hope you are well.
    What I want to know is what what kind of music inspires you or you are influenced by?
    And how has your taste in music over time?

  9. by Jo 29th Jul 2009 14:39

    Hi Jamie really loved the album Battling Giants but what does the future hold for Ben's Brother?

  10. by Dan 29th Jul 2009 04:40

    Hi Jamie,
    If you weren't a musician what could you see yourself doing as an alternative career?

  11. by Stix Zadinia 29th Jul 2009 16:43

    Is your brother now known as Ben's Brother's Brother?

    Is this awkward for him?

  12. by Annette Stirling 29th Jul 2009 17:40

    On your album there's a track with Joss Stone..

    Will that be released as a single? I really like it..

    A x

  13. by Sarah 29th Jul 2009 21:33

    Which TV presenter's job would you most like and why?

    S x

  14. by Mary 30th Jul 2009 06:36

    Is it true that one of your songs was on a chewing gum advert?

    Will I have heard of it?

  15. by Charlie 30th Jul 2009 09:33

    Reading the gossip pages of magazines it seems like celebs are always getting it on with each other. Have you got any secret celebrity crushes?

  16. by jay jay 30th Jul 2009 09:39

    What's the funniest/ most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you in your career?

  17. by Gav 30th Jul 2009 10:15

    Hi Jamie,
    I'm a bit of a musician myself (I play guitar and write the odd song or two). I was just wondering what advice you would have for someone who wants a career in music?


  18. by Jenny 30th Jul 2009 10:26

    Hi there Jamie,

    If you could jump on a plane now, where would you go? Not that you'd want to leave this lovely british summer ;-)

    Hope you're ok! Jenny xxx

  19. by Laura G 30th Jul 2009 11:22

    I love your songs and I was just wondering where you get your inspiration? And are the lyrics inspired by things that happen to you in real life?

  20. by Kate 30th Jul 2009 13:33

    If you could have any superpower what would you choose and why?

  21. by Emily and Neveen 30th Jul 2009 14:27

    Any plans on doing a gig here in Toronto, Canada?
    Would love to hear you live.

  22. by Alex 30th Jul 2009 15:42

    I was in the sun lounge earlier having my nails done and you were really good, your voice is amazing :)

    when will i be able to download your songs? xx

  23. by Zoe 30th Jul 2009 15:58

    I first saw you as the support act for jools holland and instantly loved you then I came to see you at indigo2 is there Any chance you gig at indigo2 again ??

  24. by petra 30th Jul 2009 16:55

    I m a bit curious about your loves life... there is any special lady in your heart at the moment???