Dani Harmer

Dani Harmer

Adored by millions of teens nationwide, actress Dani Harmer is on the brink of becoming the UK’s biggest pop phenomenon of 2009 after just signing a £3 million record deal with Universal Music/Decca Records – noted as the biggest signing for any British TV star in history.

Dani Harmer is best known for her hit role as Tracy Beaker on the CBBC show of the same name, for which she auditioned for at the tender age of 12 and has played for no less than FIVE successful series; the young actress continues to make her mark on TV in her own sitcom Dani’s House.

Both shows were number one rated on CBBC and now, her debut single, Free, is the theme tune to Dani’s House, which this year will be in it’s 2nd and 3rd series.

Dani is being managed by Music Svengali, Daniel Glatman, the former manager of Global Pop sensation Blue who says, “There is no doubt that Dani Harmer is an absolute star and is going to be huge. The UK has finally produced an answer to Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus!!.”

The In4merz (Street teams marketing) will also be helping break Dani onto the UK music scene. The In4merz currently work on breakthrough acts LadyGaGa, The Saturdays, Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift.

  1. by James Greathead 05th Mar 2009 17:18

    i actually love her she has a fantastic voice and she is an amazing actress!! good luck Dani yor hot!!!!

  2. by Grace Francis 10th Mar 2009 11:05

    I LOVE DANI!!! She is beyond amazing and I wish her allll the luck in the world :) GO DANI GO!! x x x

  3. by Grace Francis 10th Mar 2009 11:13

    I LOVE DANI!! She is beyond amazing and I wish her alll the luck in the world!! GO DANI GO!! x x x x x

  4. by Hana Rizzle 10th Mar 2009 11:20

    Go Dani!!!! Woooo!!!!

    What a legend!


  5. by emmaxxxxxx 23rd Mar 2009 14:05

    i think she roks to be the second hannah montana i mean she got everytin shes preety she got the curves if u know wat i mean,i mean hips and shape more tan hannah montana,go girllllllll... Read More

  6. by Nicole in4merz 09th Apr 2009 12:13

    Her song is actually quite catchy. I like it the video is on the in4merz site just watched it. The single is out in may 25th woop! woop!

  7. by Dazza 13th Apr 2009 16:43

    Met Dani for the first time yesterday on a plane to Edinburgh and she took a lot of time out to sign autographs and have pictures taken with young fans, never complaining or showing any... Read More