You'd be surprised how many artists email me each week on the off chance that I'll write about them before they've even signed a record deal. In the beginning I used to spend a few minutes each day checking out what each of these new bands have to offer, but as the workload piled up and the mispelt emails kept coming, they started to take a back seat.

Nowadays I am sorry to say that it's very rare I listen to a band or singer who 'cold email' me. I know it's kind of like me 'selling out' but I have come to learn that our readers tend to want to hear about Katy Perry or Lady GaGa, not someone who's music you can only hear on MySpace.


This morning however, I was in a good mood because Sebastian Vettel won the Brazilian Grand Prix yesterday, so when I saw an email from some bloke called Sugaspott, I decided to give him a quick listen.

Whilst there's no denying that it's not the type of music I usually listen to, I was fascinated by how much his track, 'Sorry' grew on me the more I listened to it.

Hailing from Zimbabwe, Sugaspott is a completely self-funded artist who lives in the UK and is trying his hardest to get his music noticed on the ever so competitive hip hop scene.


The thing that I like about Sugaspott is that he's not the kind of singer who brags about how big his car is or how many diamonds are encrusted in his watch, or ever how many women he's bedded, hr talks about what's wrong with our world and how we can better it.

Themed and crafted around a personal approach to lyricism and point of view story-telling, he gives opinions on everyday social issues and is not afraid to have a party whilst at it. So, if like me, you find yourself with five minutes to spare, please check out his video below, and support someone other than the people in the top 10. //

FemaleFirst - Ruth Harrison