LostAlone have been wowing fans and audiences with their new album I'm A UFO In This City and with their live shows over the past couple of months.

I caught up with Steven from the band to put your fan questions to him.

- Jenna: Do you have any places in mind to headline a tour this year? - hope you come near to plymouth! xX

Steven Battelle: Yes we are playing 5 shows in May - Bristol, Glasgow, Nottingham, London and Manchester! We will definitely return to Plymouth at some point :) 

- Chlo: Hey guys, Steven, I know you're a massive Queen fan, if you could ask Freddie Mercury one question, what would you ask? - Chlo

Hiya! Wow one question, that’s hard! I’d probably ask him to explain to me his songwriting process in the early 70s.

- Lisa: What's your favourite film, and why?

Changes all the time but right now I would say super 8 - LOVED that film.

- Lumierre: How do you feel when you come to a country and you play there a show for the first time? Are you excited, nervous...? Have a great time on tour and thanks for the new album! ;) I hope I'll be able to see you somewhere in Czech Republic or Slovakia...

Hey - I LOVE visiting new countries - its one the best things about being in a band. I never feel nervous, just excited to absorb the culture. Thank YOU for buying the new album!

- Anna-Lee: Hey, LostAlone! Are you guys planning on touring Canada anytime soon? I love the new album!

We really hope so - Its a place that has personally fascinated me - I KNOW we will come soon. So happy you love the album :)

- Delaney Chapman: How did you guys meet?? And will you be touring the USA any time soon?

Mark and I met at school and we met Alan when his old band supported us (with our old bass player) in Glasgow. US is a HUGE priority for us - can't wait to get back - so far we have only played in LA.

- Marina: How do you feel with all the support your fans give to you? I'm from Spain and I can't wait to see you in Barcelona! You're the best band ever!!!

I feel SO happy and humbled by the support you guys give us! Barcelona is going to be AMAZING! You guys are lunatics!

- John Edgerton: What is different between touring in the UK and the US? As a band, where are you more recognized?

I guess recently more in the UK but our fan base seems to be spread around the world mostly due to the great support slots we've had with internationally big bands. Touring UK is EASY as its so small compared to the US!

- Kim K: Can we expect you coming to Australia anytime soon?

I really really hope so yes! Its something we are working really hard on doing - fingers crossed we'll be with you soon :)

- Cerys Diamond-Smith: What was it like touring with My Chemical Romance? Cerys, 14, Cardiff


- wout mattens: What was your job before you where in Lostalone ?


- James Lloyd: I know that Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance helped with the album, but in what way did he contribute?

His contribution was like more of an enabler, he had no input on the writing - he introduced us to producers and we spent a weekend going back and forth with my demos and G would tell me which he liked.

This continued as I write a new song every day for two months. Gerard was / is an amazingly creative person and its so great to have his ear to bounce off.

- Jane O Callaghan: Firstly, I just want to say how amazing you guys are!! I think your music is really unique! :D I want to start my own band soon, but it’s proving very difficult to get people who want to join. Sadly, it's making me lose the motivation for it. I was wondering if you have any advice?. Jayne x

Thank so much. Its the single hardest thing to find like minded people. My advice is to persevere and the right people will appear, most likely in the strangest place. Doubtful they will already be in your friend group.

- Chiara: Hi :) Orchestra Of Breathing is now probably one of my favourite songs now, and when I listen to it I can hear Stevens emotions behind it and that makes the song so beautiful. So I’m wondering what happened for this song to be written? And how did you feel singing it for the first time? Chiara x

Hey. I wrote the song in Hollywood during quite a low period. I remember looking out over LA (from high in the hill) and the song just poured out. Hence the line "voices on the breeze as this city tries to sleep)

- Sean: I love the new album you guys are definitely my new favourite band, I was wondering if there are any plans yet for a 3rd album?

Great! Yeah I’ve already written the next two records - can't wait to record!

- wenche_felicia: Will you come to Norway? Would be great of you guys to come here and share your rock!

I can't WAIT to get back to Norway! We had the best time on the MCR tour!

- @sirmares: What are your plans for the European Tour? Any specials? Any surprises?

No surprises just songs from both of our albums!

- @BethIsVeryBored: Will you be playing any UK festivals?

Well we were playing Sonisphere but as everyone knows that has been cancelled.

- @whooooa: Will you cover "Barcelona" by Queen & Montserrat CaballÈ at their show in Barcelona, please?

WOW! I don't think anyone could ever cover such an amazingly intricate song! Ill have a go tonight though :)

- @dweeb69 On this tour, are they playing the same songs every night, or do they open to fan suggestions?

Suggest a way!

- @leanneBVB: If you could be anyone dead or alive, for the day who would it be? ps love you guys!

Love you right back! Id love to be Gaius Augustus Caeser  

- @konitokonito: How was it working with Gerard Way?

Great fun and very creative!

- @Marinalone: Steven how do you go about writing your lyrics?

I hear them in my head at the same time I hear music! I LOVE words so much!

- @whoooa: What is your fave song to play live? and what about a fave venue?

Right now I love playing "Love Will Eat You Alive" Venue mmm Casino De Paris is amazing!

- @annikajylland: Did YOU get what you prayed for? Also, now you've taken over Earth, what planet is next?

Haha Not sure we've quite taken over yet! I don't really pray so no :)

- @LostAloneSpain: What do you like the most about your fans?

I personally love to see fans relationships blossom between each other! They can be from from totally different countries or backgrounds but the music creates these amazing connections and friendships.

I also love the fact that 90% of them seem to be complete lunatics like me :)

Many thanks to all the LostAlone fans who submitted questions for the band.



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