Remember when you were a teenager and McFly were hot little bubblegum popstars that you stuck pall over your bedroom walls? (well, posters obviously, not the actual fleshy humans…) Well now the boys have grown up into hunky little foxes and FemaleFirst just had to get in on the action.

We will be rendezvousing with the boys at a top secret location tomorrow and whilst we wish we could bring you all on board for the ride, there's just not enough room in my little car… but if you like, I can pass on a little message for you?

We want all you McFly fans out there to send in your questions for the boys, (via the comments box below) and we will put as many as possible to them tomorrow… perhaps you want to know how Tom got so buff, why Danny went through that crazy curly hair stage or if Harry would take you on a date somewhere? Whatever you want to know, I'll ask if for you… just fill in the comments box below and get amongst the action.

Check back on Monday to read all about my date I mean day….

FemaleFirst - Ruth Harrison

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  1. by caroline 21st Oct 2010 16:28

    WHEN are you guys coming to America? Please don't say you want to or plan to soon! I've heard that for years! If you have plans to, please let us know, and if not, well, then please mak... Read More

  2. by Alex 21st Oct 2010 22:32

    Have you made any plans for your world tour? And does that tour include the US???

    Please stop by Philadelphia!! You haven't tasted America until you've had a cheesesteak, spray cheese and all :)

  3. by Julia 21st Oct 2010 23:24

    Hey there! Would you mind asking Danny why he's so hyper on stage lately? Well, more than earlier xD Not in an offensive way of course, but he acts just a bit scarry at times.
    And ple... Read More

  4. by kass lee 23rd Oct 2010 08:08

    i love tom and danny out for