Steve Appleton

Steve Appleton

Steve Appleton is set to be the next musician to reign control over my beautiful little music section as he will be coming into the office on Thursday 2 July to try his hand as a music journalist.

Reviewing all the latest album and singles, as well as interviewing a couple of his celeb best mates, the incredibly foxy Steve will be answering all of your questions so that, ahead of him getting his Dirty Funk on as he tours the UK, you can know everything there is to know about this little tiger.

Fresh from washing the Glastonbury mud out of his hair, Steve Appleton will be giving us the lowdown on his second single, City Won’t Sleep, due for release on August 10th as well as telling us which tracks we should check out from the forthcoming album, When The Sun Comes Up, released on 24rd August.

In the last year he has also performed alongside the likes of John Legend, The Saturdays and Alesha Dixon, and will be supporting The Pussycat Dolls and Kanye West as part of Wireless festival this Summer; so Steve looks set to be a fireball of hot, funky music this summer, and of course, FemaleFirst is getting our paws on him first… woo!

But, because we love you, and we’d feel guilty keeping him all to ourselves, we want you to fill in the comment box below with your question for Steve, and we’ll get then answered for you! *Scream!* So get your thinking caps on kids!

Watch Steve Appleton Perform Dirty Funk Live @ FemaleFirst HQ!

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